The green giant is expected to play Erickson rotation AFC Champions League Guoan Paul (video) beself

The green giant is expected to play Erickson rotation AFC Champions League Guoan Paul? [information] Hulk goal back injury Aishen Jiangong Li Xiaoming half red reporter Wang Xiaorui reported in the home court 0 0 draw with Jeonbuk Hyundai, Shanghai on the Hong Kong team ushered in a rare period of rest. During this period, people are most concerned about things, recovery than Shinco in exceed the standard King Hulk injury. According to the plan, wait until next week in the Hong Kong team Jeonbuk Hyundai, the Hulk should go into battle. Because of El Eriksson in AFC Champions League 14 finals of the second round was held, and the season Conca already, "Hulk" is almost on the Hong Kong team foreign aid only hope. As for September 9th against Guoan, is likely to be a training ground for the "hulk". Only for the Hong Kong Hulk played the first 21 minutes before the final round of the 14 AFC Champions League, Conca is the use of the twenty-third round of the League to achieve comeback. But in less than an hour, he was shot in a shot, because of the confrontation caused by severe knee injury. Although the Qiangdian completed the scoring card, but the consequences are very bad. He not only hurt the fate, but also because of serious injuries leading to the season reimbursement. At present, the card has been sent to the United States for surgical treatment, it is not until the end of the season to return to the team. Because of the lessons of Conca port for visible before the eyes, Hulk injury recovery, to maintain a high degree of caution. In early September, with nearly three years of experience working with Eduardo · and Santos, Hulk has come to Shanghai rush to the rescue. Originally, Santos served in the Russian super Zenit St Petersburg club as the rehabilitation group head injuries, proficient in physiotherapy. In August this year, the Hulk once returned to Russia to participate in his farewell ceremony, during the trip to find Santos, visible Brazil star for his trust. Will Santos please, the Hulk is very clear: as far as possible to quickly recover, at the same time to ensure no recurrence. I welcome the friends of the Hulk is coming, even some excitement. He intended to meet the two, in the form of video to the Internet, to express their feelings of joy. In the other players on the Hong Kong view, this step is the impact of the 4 strong team AFC Champions League shot in the arm. After all, El Eriksson will in the next war sidelined, Conca will be absent because of injury, Wu Lei himself is currently in the national team. These days in the Hong Kong team training ground, the Hulk tends to good, is the team can hear the gospel. However, to say whether the battle the Hulk in a war of 9 days, or in what way for national security, is still difficult to say. In accordance with the idea of the upper reaches of the coaching staff, or hope that the green giant can take advantage of a real adjustment state. Moreover, the Hulk before only for the Hong Kong team played 21 minutes, although there is a goal but in terms of gains, with teammates and collaboration, it is still not assured. These uncertainty factors that may influence to the Paibingbuzhen Erickson. The Hulk can play the national security, is still uncertain, but the Hong Kong team has AFC Champions League task, also refused to have a choice in the league. At present for the Super League, the team still has some internal pressure. Especially city rivals Shanghai Shenhua, is already in the list of leading.相关的主题文章: