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Health Meditation is, without any doubt, a healing key to a variety of medical problems and nowadays, it seems that more and more individuals are acknowledging the health benefits of meditation. Can meditation really improve our health? Can it make us feel better and healthier? For sure it can. Let’s see why and how. What Does Meditation Do to Our Body? Meditation implies, besides the specific techniques, relaxation and, more importantly, certain breathing exercises. All these three aspects of meditation have relevant benefic effects, starting from slowing down our heart rate (as and effect of the slow breathing) and settling our blood pressure at a normal level. Since the body is functioning at a slower rate, our immune system is actually strengthened and, furthermore, our body seems to produce more desirable hormones and to produce less adrenaline. The explanation is quite simple: when we are focusing upon a certain part of our body, we are actually sending positive energy and blood to that specific part. As a result, the cells receive an extra amount of oxygen and other kinds of necessary nutrients. Besides all the above health benefits of meditation, it is useful to know that meditation can also reduce headaches, it reduces the tension (not only at a muscle level, but at a psychological level, as well), it reduces anxiety and other such medical problems. In addition, studies show that meditation helps the body recover after surgeries or traumas, it helps the patients suffering from various allergies and, due to the fact that it strengthens the immune system, it helps the organism fight better against unwanted pathogens. What Is the Role of Meditation in Substance Use and Addictions? Another one of the wide range of health benefits of meditation is the fact that meditation is important when dealing with certain substance abuse, such as nicotine, drugs and alcohol. In this case, meditation affects the patient’s condition indirectly – the patient manages to clear his/her mind with the help of relaxation and meditation techniques in order to change his/her attitude or relation with this life and health damaging substances. Can Meditation Have Side Effects upon Our Health? One of the most important aspects of the health benefits of meditation is that they do not have any contra arguments. More precisely, meditation does not imply any side effects and can not damage our body in any way. As opposed to most medications and medical therapies, meditation can be used freely, without worrying about the negative parts of the healing process. In addition, meditation does not imply any financial costs, nor does it presuppose the use of specialized equipment. Meditation is there for everyone who wants to relief stress and tension, who wants to have a better heart and a stronger immune system. What Other Benefits Does Meditation Have? Besides the impressive range of health benefits of meditation, relaxation and meditation also imply a wide range of other benefic effects upon our mood and feeling of well being. Obviously, a better health implies more happiness, a better tonus, extra vitality and more joy in our life. But the principles of meditation itself are focused on a more fulfilling and complex inner life, going back to our roots, to our deepest emotions and feelings and concentrating upon the positive things in life. All in all, mediation has a great variety of positive results and effects that enhance our health and life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: