The intellectual movement into the Internet online bridge open innovation model (video)

The intellectual movement into the Internet online bridge open innovation model [Abstract] "the tournament will be online and offline game game combination, creating a new competition mode for bridge movement. It will become a has milepost sense to try to make the bridge with the help of the Internet, the better development across geographical interval." [TDT] 2016 Tencent landlords Championship & #183; season tournament race 1 online poker Solitaire, playing bridge without no bid card, not only push the computer, the bridge movement can be so? Yes. At the weekend, just the end of the world bridge double match, will first try all online through the Internet platform to contest the competition form. When the intellectual movement into the Internet, the world is becoming more and more fantasy. Play quietly for two days of the thirtieth session of the world bridge with double finals in Beijing ended China. From the Chinese players and Li Huagai on tour won the tournament of champions, the Portuguese players Carlos and Mcgill won the runner up, China player Zhang Miao and Zhang Xiaoqun won the runner up. Howell game by playing a total of 38 rounds of 95 cards, using a unified bidding system. It is worth mentioning that the cancellation of the game for the first time the line entity tables in the top events, competitive online network platform through the bridge. That is to say, the player through the computer with a partner, compete with rivals. It is due as usual in the table before from the board in the cards and bid cards, so the court quiet, only to hear the sound of a mouse player. "To tell you the truth, the form of the game is quite novel. Everyone in the scene, but still in the computer game. Of course, in the online operation to avoid some of the interference of human factors, to maximize the true level of players." Li Huagai, who won the championship. Miao Zhang and third said, because the stadium does not rotate, therefore greatly reduce the workload of staff. Why is it clear that the players on the line have been sitting on the scene, but also on the online game, which in the end is singing out? In fact, in the early years, players still at the concept that "official competition must be carried out in the table on the contest stage, and through the Internet platform to battle more as a formal event outside of. Until 2015, continuous media exposed a number of well-known player cheating scandal, let people begin to rethink the necessity with the Internet and computer game equipment. After all the characteristics of the bridge game, is under the condition of incomplete information confrontation theory between the player should only transfer the so-called legitimate information through normal cards and bid ". However, in the process of playing cards, there are too many aspects of the fuzzy zone can be used to transmit illegal information, there are players cheating. With this reason, also have the game change. In fact, the game received from the contractor mission, Chinese Bridge Association and Lianzhong company began to move from the brain. Then, there will be a bridge tournament all moved online from the line of the decision. From the beginning of the China trials, until the final finals, the player is also the first time in the world’s top bridge game in all相关的主题文章: