The Kings Of Leon Have Built Their Empire-coinwatch

Music This is a big part of the reason why Kings of leon concert tickets are such hot sellers these days, this is a truly soulful band that really does know how to rock any sized crowd with excellent music that is definitely a cut above a lot of what else is out there now. This is actually a legitimate ‘band of brothers’ in that all but one of the band members are brothers with the exception of one who is the brothers’ cousin. This kind of close connection allowed the band to rise from total obscurity in 1999 to their place at the top of the charts only a few short years later, giving tremendous inspiration to all those who love the music that they play. Because of their will to really entertain fans this band has been able to get so much further just by working together with real seriousness in a basement long ago. You have to admit that the hard work has paid off for them because the Kings of Leon were not born successful and they had to grow up in a very different kind of way in order to be the guys who could bring the world a hit like ‘Use Somebody’. The boys were constantly traveling the Southern states of the US with their father who was an itinerant minister and they rarely called any place home for long. They transformed their lives by their own power and that is why you see them today where they have gotten to be such serious stars that their tour tickets often sell out faster than anyone could have predicted when they first got started. If you want to see one amazing success story live and in person then the Kings of Leon are a great choice. Of course, if you want to see these guys live then you want to see them where they will be able to put on the most incredible show possible. That means this August you ought to see if you can catch them at the V Festival in the United Kingdom where they are bound to really bring it on full force. You may just get to see them play alongside other massive acts like Eminem, Arctic Monkeys and the Swedish House Mafia. You’ve got to hit this festival if you want some great music in 2011. For Kings of Leon it would seem the party is just getting started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: