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"The Legendary Swordsman" six Ye cried Feng Xiaogang does not believe that baibazi brothers entertainment Sohu   Zhou Yunpeng and his ex-wife Cui Dan on the semi-finals this Sunday night entertainment news Sohu, Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman 3" officially entered the semi-final stage, Zhou Yunpeng, Fang Qingping, Tieling sworn group, Dino, Wang Liang, Liu Cheng five players, will first in the semi-finals tonight. After the preliminary round after quenching, the five groups show jokes and then upgrade the comedy again peak, let the audience laugh with tears, even tears "and" six, "Feng Xiaogang cried in public! Sigh and said: "I do not believe that baibazi brothers, are not really." Feng Xiaogang cried! Bow said "baibazi brothers" is not really the preliminaries, "Tieling sworn group" brings the show won audience acclaim "an old Chinese practice". This Sunday night, "brother" story once again to continue, Feng Xiaogang was directly to laugh and cry, excited to stand, the scene to the three players Zhang Chunfeng, Wang Bo, Li Huanhuan bowed! This week, Tieling sworn mission to bring the sketch "anything" will upgrade again the topic of friendship. Coincidentally, in the sketch satire theme, and Feng Xiaogang film "Party B" thought agree without prior without previous consultation. Stamp bursting point Feng Xiaogang laugh from the beginning to the end, when it is excited, tears in their eyes, direct laugh cry! After the end of the program, Feng Xiaogang regardless of his status as Feng Feng, bow directly to the players salute. About why you are so excited, Feng Xiaogang explained: "I do not believe that baibazi brothers, some of my friends have a lot of brothers, the eldest…… Are routed to laoqilaoba, actually are not really." Stunned audience! Three "Zhao Si" and "Liu" open the copy guy by "Zhao Si" Liu Xiaoguang "Wang Xiaoli and Liu" son of Liu Cheng, Wang Liang brought the Taipei version of "village of love", let users praise two The students surpass the teacher. Liu Cheng, Wang Liang imitate parents’ attitude and hard, have a distinctive flavour intonation, let netizen zhikua than their parents more handsome, more amused! Don’t "Zhaosi", "Liu", it is so easy to lose to the son? This week, "Zhaosi", "Liu" performer, this stage, can let the audience see silly eye! I saw on the stage, up to three a very similar "Zhaosi", "Liu", here three people hunched, there three people braved the belly, walking one by one, like a twin, even the voice is different. This can let the audience see hualeyan tiger mice. At the moment, everyone took up arms, took the guy, put up the array, a moment of paranoia, two people in the war, strike violently. Tonight, "Zhao Si" team, "Liu" team in the end who will win, become a real arena martial arts master? Song Dandan touted! Zhou Yunpeng and his ex-wife about the reasons for divorce in the preliminary stage, Zhou Yunpeng promised promotion, and his ex-wife with the partner rematch performances. This Sunday night, Zhou Yunpeng’s ex-wife Cui Dan came first, and was talking about the reasons for divorce, "we were too young, do not know how to operate feelings, so put each other to find their own happiness." Although the two marriage cracks, but the tacit understanding of the performance of the two shocked, let the four.相关的主题文章: