The Mekong River action Eddie Peng Xi’an suit eating hamburger

"The Mekong River action" Eddie Peng Xi’an wearing a suit and eating hamburger Sina entertainment news on September 23rd, as one of the highly anticipated film national archives, "the Mekong River action" was invited to attend the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival held in Xi’an, directed by Lin Chaoxian and starring Eddie Peng [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Feng Wenjuan, Liu Xianda on the red carpet with the enthusiasm of the Xi’an fans intimate interaction. Interestingly, the early morning of September 23rd, many netizens said micro-blog encounter in Nanhu morning run "Mekong steel two group" Dante Lam and Eddie Peng, while Eddie Peng is still online drying out their own taste Xi’an delicacy "hamburger" photos, make friends shouted "meat sandwiches are so handsome"! The Mekong River steel two group now runs 8 kilometers south lake and public morning early in the morning of September 23rd, Eddie Peng published in the online multi branch and "Mekong River action" director Lin Chaoxian morning run video, also wrote "8K finished," a lot of friends shouted deserves to be called "could stand the abuse of Dante Lam actor", for more users two named "the Mekong two iron and steel group". Several encounters people also joined their morning run, and drying out in the online photos, praising Eddie Peng friendly no shelf. In an interview, Eddie Peng also said: "Xi’an is too beautiful, I came to the 88 year, this morning, the director said to run the lake, we went to the." Dressed in a suit mouth bite hamburger Sir really down to earth Eddie Peng played five years of credit reporting staff stationed in Golden Triangle area in the deep "Mekong River action", the film is full of expectations fans affectionately call him "sir". "During the Mekong River action" activities in Xi’an, Eddie Peng’s high popularity of detonated event, he will rest in the background, a handsome suit, mouth bite "hamburger" photos sent to the Internet, many netizens said, wearing a suit and eating hamburger, really down to earth "" after eating hamburger like Sir (Eddie Peng) so handsome ", and subsequently launched the" Eddie Peng style hamburger "imitation. (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: