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The mysterious "masked" show the new Jin sung cross-border God – Sohu   entertainment debut cited scream; guess jury   when the empress   knock seeds cat Sohu entertainment news tonight 20:30, large original music program "masked sing guess" is about to usher in the second Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast. The program left four without exposing the surface to sing the mystery suspense, following the premiere triggered national quiz boom, this program will have two new Jin sang "don’t speak to strangers" Fox "knock melon cat" substitute. "Masked" stage is straddling the male god Jerry Yan Hu Ge has been named this week, "sing" the masked stage ushered in two new Jin sang "don’t speak to strangers Fox" and "cat eating melon seeds". The "Fox" on the handsome figure captured the hearts of the jury members of daughters a guess. Wowkie Zhang always funny poker-faced guess he is a little meat, Momoco Tao played detective role in guess jury in head agreed: "I think he is very like idol." Weird Ella is another way, from the name of the "Fox" mask, "are you surnamed Hu or Li?" And she added: "he just said the fox love the animal, but we generally in the fairy tale love will bear, the bunny that lovely animal, the fox gives people a feeling of cunning. Why did he choose the fox?" And "Afanda sister" chorus, "Daddy" slightly nervous. He concluded: "in Afanda and sister on cooperation, we can see the fox brother for the concert environment, singing stage is not so familiar, he is a bit helpless, so I think the fox should be cross singer." Was selected into the second round of solo, "Fox" was Momoco Ella, see "tension" in the treble, the male god identity to cross. Small robot V gives the voiceprint list, the name "Hu Ge" caused by the jury members to discuss hot guess. Describes the audience: "the fox on the body like an Apollo like veteran idol male god Jerry Yan." Hu Ge, Jerry Yan will not appear on the masked stage? "The fox" God will expose this week, "sing" masked outcome. "Reindeer" is a veteran singer suspected of a new generation of this period is expected to face off with the goddess guess on seats frequently ask personal questions, the premiere of the high and cold out of the "reindeer" sparked debate and speculation users, fortunately, in the second phase of the program, the wayward "Reindeer" to return to the stage, and "the tin man" brought a soulful duet. "I think we just see is in the light of the top master blows." Two people finished, Momoco generous gave the highest evaluation, "two people are a veteran of the battlefield. This resonance and breath, there are few rivers and lakes. A female soprano reminds me of Stella Chang before Invincible Eastern." Wowkie Zhang joked: "if the voice of the real estate agent to do, will not be hung up." Guess the members of the group have speculated that reindeer is a veteran veteran of the identity of the love song. The pedal 25 cm Hentian high "empress in aesthetic shape and superb vocals to.相关的主题文章: