The pet shop to the uninvited guest borrow to buy things to go along the counter

The pet shop to the uninvited guest borrow to buy things go counter wallet western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Wu Zhilong) in Xi’an Changan Road, a pet store in the little Su, two days before he met a let Wohuo thing, an uninvited guest he came to the store, the store lent the dog to buy things with the business section of the wallet to go along, and the whole process only two or three minutes. You can see from the surveillance that a man wearing glasses quickly took a pink bag from the counter while someone was not paying attention, and quickly hid it under the clothes left by his left hand. The whole process lasted only two or three seconds. Pet shop clerk Xiao Su told reporters that this happened at noon on October 2nd, when the man in the picture into the store to buy cleaning powder claimed to be a dog. Pet shop owner little Sue: "when I first came, I thought that all the customers in the store were guests, and we all followed the principle of service. We were all service industries, and based on serving customers, I didn’t want to doubt the identity of customers. I find the cleaning powder, because did not find, so we call the boss, I will call on the outside, he came in, because I did not pay attention, after coming by the way the money was stolen." The man in the whole process of committing the crime, Xiao Su think it should be an experienced thief. Little Su pet shop clerk: "because I hold the phone, don’t pay attention to him, he was mainly staring at the purse, you see it is to see a dog, a dog, he just wanted to get, because I am a sideways, obviously, so that he did not dare to move hand, also refers to the dog, the dog said at this time to see how, when I go out, pa! Very quickly, within two seconds, put the money into your arms." What makes Xiao Su angry is that there are not only important bills in his wallet, but also the money he sells the dog on that day. Pet shop assistant little Sue: "there are some important bills in the bag, and I sold a dog in the morning, all in the wallet, mainly the money is more than 5000 dollars."." At present, the pet shop owner has extension of Fort police station reported the matter to the jurisdiction District, the police are investigating the matter. Small Su also want to remind you through this matter, after receiving business funds as far as possible in a safe place, to avoid the occurrence of similar events.

宠物店来了“不速客” 借买东西顺走柜台内钱包  西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《第一新闻》记者 武志龙)在西安长安西路一家宠物店工作的小苏,前两天遇见了一件让他窝火的事,有一个不速之客来到他店里,借给狗买东西,把店里装有营业款的钱包给“顺走”了,而整个过程只有两三分钟。  从监控里可以看到当时有位戴眼镜的男子趁人不注意时,很快从柜台里拿走一个粉色的包,并迅速藏到了左手搭着的衣服下面,整个过程只有两三秒的时间。宠物店店员小苏告诉记者,这件事发生在十月二号中午,当时画面里的男子进店声称要给狗买洁身粉。  宠物店店员小苏:“刚开始来的时候,我以为进店都是客,咱都秉承一个服务的原则,咱都是干服务行业的,以服务好顾客为基础,我根本就不去怀疑顾客的身份之类的。我在这找洁身粉,因为没有找到,所以就给老板打电话,我就在外边打电话,他进来了,因为我也没注意,进来之后,顺便就把这个钱给偷走了。”  而查看了男子整个作案过程后,小苏觉得这人应该是个有经验的惯偷。  宠物店店员小苏:“因为我手拿着电话,没办法注意他,他当时主要是盯着这个钱包看,你看这时候是假装看狗,指狗呢,这时候他刚想拿,因为我是侧着身子的,比较明显,所以说他没敢动手,还在指狗呢,这时候还说这狗怎么样,这时候看我出去的时候,啪!很快的,在两秒之内就把这个钱给装到怀里了。”  让小苏气愤的是,钱包里不但有重要的票据,还有他当天卖狗的钱。  宠物店店员小苏:“包里边有一些很重要的票据,还有我早上卖了一条狗的现金,全在(钱包)里放着呢,主要是钱是5000多块钱。”  目前,宠物店老板已经向辖区长延堡派出所报了案,警方正在对此事进行调查。小苏也想通过此事提醒大家,收到营业款后尽量放在安全的地方,避免类似事件的发生。相关的主题文章: