The prodigal son is the potential dark horse East low-key breakthrough entertainment Sohu Feiyunjian queer as folk

"The prodigal son" is the potential dark horse East Feiyun – Sohu Zhu Yilong low-key breakthrough entertainment Sohu Fu Hongxue entertainment news by Gu classic novel adaptation of the TV series "new vagabondize" is hit, the play does not depend on the flow of niche, but with acting and each actor plays itself online martial arts flavor temperament to win a round of applause. The "new vagabondize" is not only the Beijing TV broadcast week theater a successful "test for water", is also produced by Oriental Feiyun years insisted sincerity route return, at the same time, this drama also let many excellent actors start into more people’s vision. "The new vagabondize" by the Beijing Oriental Feiyunjiang international film produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Oriental Feiyunjiang established for many years, in the industry has been a minor celebrity. Oriental Feiyunjiang dedicated to film and television drama production for many years, experience and technology are very rich. From the "shadow" to "love for life", and then to the "new" eleven Xiao Lang and today’s "new vagabondize", Oriental Feiyun has created many outstanding works, and make it start to really come into the public view widely, is some time ago the "new eleven" and Xiao Lang is the hit "New Oriental vagabondize", adhere to the authentic flavor of traditional martial arts Feiyunjiang wind, do not go manufacturing topics or rely on exaggerated adaptation route, "big star" to get attention, a step by step to get the return now, more and more people love and discuss the "new vagabondize", also let many excellent the actor started to enter the public view. The actors in the play are not the so-called "flow niche", but each acting online, which is a major cause of the "new vagabondize" gratifying achievements, no matter life is born for revenge, also for revenge and trapped Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong ornaments), or anti self injury Fangling passionately devoted MA (Zhang Xinyu) or, is optimistic and easy, smile to the corners of the vane (Yu Qingbin ornaments), these actors portraying a true to life image, even the two villain Ma Kongqun (Qiu Xinzhi ornaments) and flower clothing (Vincent Chiao ornaments) are the same powder as a result of countless, also cannot do without each the actor’s role and script of the earnest study, their dedication from a few months in the desert will be filming this drama has been remarkable, now broadcast on more than half of hope with these excellent Oriental Feiyunjiang Actors can continue to dedicate more beautiful works to the audience. Produced by the Beijing Oriental International Film and television Limited by Share Ltd Feiyunjiang directed by Huang Zuquan, Wang Xiaohan, Wang Yin screenwriter, actor Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xinyu power and Yu Qingbin, Vincent Chiao, Zhang Jun Ning, Chai Wan, Gongmi, Qiu Xinzhi, Wang Yi, Yang Jingru? Starring martial arts costume piece "new vagabondize" in Beijing satellite TV Week theater broadcast every Monday to Wednesday 22:18 p.m. broadcast video of the whole network independent broadcast Sohu.相关的主题文章: