The Royal Palace upgrade model Kai Sheng moist and new food tasting dinner in the hotel. tda7294

The Royal Palace upgrade model Kai Sheng moist and new food tasting dinner in the hotel until winter ended, the weather is getting cold, can give people a warm, but delicacy and home. The former warms your body, gives the beauty of the enjoyment and energy, while the latter warms your soul, perceiving the call of love and inner peace. In November 3rd, and the royal house (real estate information) the new upgrade model and new hotel in Kai Sheng food tasting dinner for the host, the villa home new dishes and find everything fresh and new space and bittersweet, at the dedication of a grand feast for the senses at the same time for the old owners, also let the owners in the autumn and winter, feel deeply with the warm moist Royal palace. The owner is the core of all the services of the Royal Palace, but also the essence of the fine quality of the work and standards. Sheng Kai before dinner, the old owners as the first batch of visitors and royal house two new upgraded model, a taste of the French romantic dreams and dongfangyun magnificent light luxury classic elegant and comfortable. South three suites, sunny garden villa home life; layer double pick empty family library, continue in broad scale in the scholarly family; 100M2 master suite, cloakroom, library, bathroom was above 25 M2, the scale of comfort. Throughout the apartment layout, each functional space from the practical to the sense of scale are particularly valuable, quite ingenuity. Upgrade and experience more than the model, and pay more attention to the royal house villa home life full of enjoyment. In the design in the hotel executive chef, Jiangxin international five star seven gold medal and the French imperial kitchen kitchen chef of Mr. Wu Minghua, a new dish of delicious winter scene, let the owners in the melodious sound, the common experience of a winter tour to taste. From mountains and rivers and lakes in the autumn and winter seasonal ingredients, with exquisite process, and autumn poetry and ideas together with authentic Chinese creative dishes, chopsticks to taste, lead a person to endless aftertastes. New dishes in the hotel and tease the taste buds, and the new upgrade of the two large single family model, with the view of life and art, for the owners to bring the visual taste, from the living to experience multiple dietary regimen. Man is the measure of all things. A grand ceremony is different from the traditional model of open, and the royal house standing showroom opening this new upgrade path, starting from the more delicate warmth route, attention to the real home of space living experience and life support service’s true feelings, the birth of a feast which is full of humanistic care of autumn. Two new upgrade model in autumn and winter and the hotel held a grand banquet in new dishes, it is moist brand in the people oriented concept, with the way out of the ordinary, convey the living space and the service life of the good to the owners, a common hidden villa elegant time. And the royal house, villa Chaoyang residential district, three courtyards, close to the natural way of life, will be in the quiet seclusion prosperous Taoyuan; 500-1700M2 Courtyard Villa, after the first two three "building structure," the first floor "living experience; built in 20 thousand M2 in the hotel, many functions have dinner banquets please leisure, fitness, business meetings, meet the needs of the owners of the villa area of various social life. Advisory Tel: 400-819-1111 to 610189相关的主题文章: