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The scene is no longer a dream, we can stay in the Smart Hotel – Sohu this week to catch up with the big design "," Doctor Strange "iron Knight" and other science fiction show, big Jun particularly as we featured on earth can live in the high-tech hotel. When the movie is no longer a dream, the Smart Hotel will bring what kind of experience? See below, the opportunity that we can go take a look at ~ more modern design, more and more can meet the needs of modern tourists travel demand, catch up with high-tech Express Hotel designers are also innovative, intelligent facilities in the movie is no longer just a fantasy. Fully automated 3D science fiction world New York Yotel Hotel designer has not walked into the Yotel hotel in New York, you can see the large screen wall light purple emotion, intense sci-fi atmosphere oncoming. From the check-in began to enter the smart journey, there is no lobby service staff, you just need to go through the counter before the screen formalities. When the robot is no longer a fairy tale kingdom Japan Nagasaki Henn Na hotel design if there is a big country, not afraid of being a robot rule, it may be Japan. Henn Na hotel is located on the top of the mountain near the famous Moorhouse theme park in Holland, japan. At the Henn Na Hotel, the robot takes 70% of the work. When you go into the front desk of the hotel to check in, you have already begun a robot reception. This is the two big design robot! High temperature sensor Chicago Doubletree by Hilton The Wit Hotel designer Doubletree by Hilton The Wit hotel in Chicago known as the most fashionable hotel. Live here, you do not bother to regulate temperature, indoor temperature sensor tech room automatically sensing your body temperature, body temperature and cooling system through the data volume real-time air conditioning, to ensure healthy and comfortable indoor temperature. Stunning digital art Australia Sydney QT big design hotel located on the Gold Coast of Australia Sydney QT hotel is a ArtHotel Connection. Enter the hotel, as if into the surreal world, the game with a mirror at the entrance lobby of the lustrous and dazzling people suddenly remembered, singular scene with Luc Besson in "the fifth element". Mobile interactive experience platform Seattle 1000 big design hotel located in the United States in the center of Seattle Hotel Hotel 1000, according to the actual experience of the guest, developed the mobile interactive platform of advanced experience. The application of this technology will enable the 1000 hotel in the field of digital residential service has a leading edge. Movie scene Poland Poznan hotel room 5050 big blasting design Hotel Blow Up Hall 505相关的主题文章: