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The smart toy market is too cool! After the memory of the post-90s was dumped several streets, Sina Technology Xu Li, New York recently held 2016 Toy Fair (Toy Fair), people who participate in the exhibition have expressed themselves as if placed in Silicon Valley. Self timer drones, virtual reality helmets and other high-tech products flooded the exhibition, the most innovative features are that most of these toys through wireless interactive, and the integration of the Internet of things technology. It’s more like a toy show, it sounds more like a show of technology products. One of the most impressive toys is the Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, which is not a simple Bobbi suit. The small house supports the WiFi connection, as well as the special voice recognition App, so that the children can speak to the house. Oh, yes, Bobbi now has his own drone. There is also a cashless rich game, where the participants will have a virtual toy card, and the battery powered ATM will monitor the flow of money throughout the process, and it will be too difficult to think about cheating. See here, not feel very frustrated. This is no longer the game room that you remember, and the toys on display are not equal to the magnitude of the past. It’s common for toy manufacturers to keep up with the trend of adults. After all, those kids always love their parents, whether they’re cars or tablets. This is not, a few days ago, Tesla combined with the children’s toy manufacturer Radio Flyer launched a "mini version" Model S electric car. The toy car is priced at $499 and shipped in May this year, compared with the big Tesla, but only in size. Now more fire virtual reality helmet, Oculus, Samsung and other manufacturers have launched related products, recently there is news that Fisher-Price (Fei Xue, the United States toy manufacturers) and Google is developing virtual reality helmet for children. As the market for children’s UAV toys is heating up, the UAV market has become one of the most popular toys this year. At present, the consumer class unmanned aerial vehicle has become a hobby for some fans at relatively cheap prices. Wrote here, Xiaobian can not help feeling sad, recall our childhood toys, really can not be compared with now. Next, I’m going to list some of these high tech products. Xiao Bian didn’t play with Bobbi dolls when he was a kid. Some of them were above. But at that time, they were still very happy. Familiar? This is 80, 90 after the standard! Ah, compared with Tesla, it is poor Cock silk and rich handsome. Unmanned aerial vehicle? Sorry, we only had paper airplanes when we were kids, and the remote control aircraft came out on the market just a little bit bigger. But at that time, it was fun. Looking at the toy market, all kinds of high-tech toys are dazzling, of which smart toys are favored by everyone. But at present, China is still blank in the field of "smart toys".

智能玩具市场太炫酷!90后的记忆被甩几条街   新浪科技 徐利   纽约近日举办了2016 Toy Fair(玩具博览会),参加展会的人纷纷表示自己仿佛置身于硅谷一般。自拍无人机、虚拟现实头盔等高科技产品充斥着展会,最具创新的几个特征是这些玩具大都通过无线实现交互、并融合了物联网的技术。   与其说是一场玩具show,听起来更像是科技产品的展会。这其中最令人印象深刻的玩具当属Hello Barbie Dreamhouse,这可不是简单的芭比套装。这座小房子支持WiFi连接,还有专门的具有语音识别功能的App,如此一来,孩子们便可对着房子讲话。哦,对了,芭比现在也有了自己的无人机。   还有无现金方式的大富翁游戏,游戏参与者会持有一张虚拟玩具卡,电池驱动的ATM机会全程监控资金的流向,若再想作弊那难度可就太大了。   看到这里,是不是觉得很惘然。这不再是你记忆中的游戏室了,展出的玩具和过去相比也不是一个量级的。   对于玩具生产厂商来说,紧跟成人们的潮流再平常不过了。毕竟,那些小孩子们总是喜欢父母的东西,不管是汽车还是平板。   这不,前几日特斯拉就联合儿童玩具厂商Radio Flyer推出了一款“迷你版”Model S电动车。这部玩具车售价499美元,今年5月开始发货,和大号特斯拉相比,只有尺寸上的差别。   现在比较火的还有虚拟现实头盔,Oculus、三星等厂商纷纷推出相关产品,近日有消息称Fisher-Price(费雪,美国玩具制造商)和谷歌正在研发面向儿童的虚拟现实头盔。   随着儿童无人机玩具市场的逐渐升温,无人机市场也成为了今年最受欢迎的玩具种类之一。目前,消费级民用无人机以相对便宜的价格也成为一些爱好者的把玩之物。   写到这里,小编不禁要感伤一番,回想我们小时候的玩具,真是没法和现在相比。接下来,我将列举几种和上述高科技产品“对标”的玩具。   小编小时候可没玩过芭比娃娃,有的就是上面这种,不过那个时候玩得还是很开心的。   眼熟吗?这个是80、90后的标配!哎,和特斯拉一比,简直就是穷屌丝和高富帅。   无人机?对不起,我们小时候只有纸飞机,遥控飞机也是在稍微大点的时候才逐渐出现在市面上的。不过那个时候,玩得也是很起劲的。   放眼玩具市场,各种高科技玩具琳琅满目,其中智能玩具更是受到了大家的青睐。但目前中国在“智能玩具”这一领域还比较空白,要想看到国外那些炫酷的玩具还需等待些时日。相关的主题文章: