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The two things to the masterpiece of National Grand Theatre – Entertainment Sohu Macbeth stills Macbeth stills Macbeth from December 7, 2016 to 10, by the Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Center of the creation and performance of two masterpiece Drama — Shakespeare "Macbeth" Tang Xianzu, "Handan" will appear at the same time China National Theatre, brought four days wonderful performance. This year marks the 400 anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare, the great masters of the world, in various ways, in order to commemorate the contribution of the master and the charm of the drama in the world. The Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Center articles created two masterpiece drama Beijing show, is to participate in the China National Theatre held to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of soup, Shakespeare "exhibition. Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Center is the only one at the same time with Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu two drama troupes performing masterpieces and invited. One team, creative yidongyixi, painful pleasure two different styles of masterpiece, really make people look forward to. It is reported that, "Macbeth", "Handan" is the Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Center "masterpiece" series of works, from the beginning of 2013, the center has established "a masterpiece" pursuit of art, in addition to the two works will debut at the National Theatre, has also created the "Shakespeare the merchant of Venice", Tolstoy’s "Resurrection"; "Resurrection" is invited to Russia’s creative team to help out, and in 2015 went to Russia to perform in St Petersburg, responded enthusiastically. Handan Handan Handan stills stills stills as Guangzhou Drama Arts Center "signboard repertoire", making masterpiece series not only heavily invited more choreography, music, light clothing, such as a public domestic and foreign master of the stage of their cooperation, and strive to show the charm of the classic masterpiece maximum degree. But since the series of works performed in Guangzhou is also very popular, both word-of-mouth box office revenue, "after the recapitulation remains enthusiastic;" Handan "this debut in eight games, almost sold out. "Macbeth" Shakespeare as one of the most classic tragedy, after four hundred years of performing multiple versions in the world, enduring, and the wide word version of the deduction is advertised the "hardcore" magic of artistic conception, 360 degree tall turntable, collocation music lighting effects baking tray, Macbeth and his wife "blood the hand of human greed, brutal regicide" to show that people with hair standing on end. Compared with "Macbeth" gloomy atmosphere of terror, Tang Xianzu’s "Handan", people can not help laughing, very many shuyi. It is reported that Tang Xianzu’s work is common in the field of opera, but in drama interpretation is less and less, director Wang Xiao? Will the created "Handan mind" is called "a relatively successful exploration of the performance", and "Handan" called "word play", in addition to as a script of the original word name, it is coincided with Shakespeare’s "drama" and the corresponding. But if widely version of "Handan records", explore the most out of the ordinary, is freed from the traditional thought of "criticism of Officialdom", "Qingyuan road" (Tang Xianzu number) to replace the original "Lu dong.相关的主题文章: