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The ultimate hiking enthusiasts list, how to open the whole autumn adventure in life – Sohu if your goal list, "adventure" this one, to a tragic history, to stimulate their desire and desire to conquer the challenge, it is the best time to fall. The following 19 hiking routes, will let you fully experience the sense of achievement a close call. Study on attitude to knowledge network [] 1 Papua New Guinea: Kokoda trail (Kokoda Track) of Papua New Guinea is an island in the western South Pacific, Oceania is the second largest country, is a member of the commonwealth. This historic trail was the site of the Australian and Japanese military acts during World War ii. It connects the northern coast of New Guinea and southern Papua. The road length of 60 miles (about 97 km), can only walk through. Because of the extreme temperature change from time to time, the downpour plus local disease outbreak, is recognized as a "monster on the explorers". 2 New York: Devil Road (Devil ‘s Path) devil road in New York, Katz (Catskill Mountains), Kiel mountain, the trail is called the eastern United States the most dangerous hiking route, a total length of 24.2 miles (about 39 km), at an elevation of about 3500 feet (about 1 km) above. Here can not walk on foot, to climb the cliff, the Challenger must reserve their professional equipment, rope straight and strong arm pull upward climb. Plus a warm tip: the water scarcity. 3 Italy and Austria (Via Ferrata): Cable Climbing "Via Ferrata" is the "golden hill" in Italian, the the Alps is located in a protected mountain climbing route, is already set up climbing rope climbers, but must prepare professional mountaineering tools can climb. This route is the most challenging, let the climber crazy is climbing for a longer period of time, the steep mountain, and there is no shelter, and dizzying heights, as a test of strength and perseverance. 4 New Hampshire: Kings Canyon (King Ravine) this route for the United States National Forest Park (White Mountain National in Forest) part, and covers two mountains, Mt. Adams and Adams 4. It is characterized in that the so-called "killer ice ice cave". A total length of 23 miles (37 km) plus a height of 4400 feet (1.34 km). Tired of people forget how to breathe properly. Study on attitude to knowledge network [] 5 Peru: Wa Bea Nabi Chu (Huayna Picchu) which is located in the historic site in Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu) behind the mountain. Only 400 people per day to climb, so as not to affect the natural structure of the mountain route. Someone G相关的主题文章: