The United States launched the Camille Pissarro Swan gallery works collection

The United States launched the Camille Pissarro Swan gallery works China cultural relics collection network compile reports: the United States will launch the Impressionist Camille Swan gallery? 67 exquisite works of Pissarro, portrayed from early 1860s to 1870s etching, lithograph, and then to 1870s mezzotints. Pictured Pissarro colour drypoints Camille? "Les Baigneusesgardeusesd oies", "valuation of $30000-50000 (about RMB 202944-338240 yuan), the picture by the New York Swan Gallery provides the theme different from country life and scenery to Rouen’s crowded streets, towns, ports and waterways, of which there are some portraits and figure studies. These works and painting techniques show the influence of Constable and Turner, the early masters of painting, on Pissarro. Among the many Impressionist Works of Pissarro, the majority of prints, from 1863 to 1902, he created about 200 pieces of print and print. From the very beginning, he was obsessed with prints. In this sense, his prints really represent his artistic identity. Technically speaking, through the use of etching, he will play the role of the media to the extreme. It is reported that he had purchased two pieces of his creation etching. There are two pieces of works in the auction many talent shows itself: one is that he created in 1880 by "Femme vidantunebrouette", depicts a woman being cheerful clear empty handed another cart; a series of colour drypoints, can be traced back to 1895-96 years. These items depicted a variety of scenes from the church and farm landscape to feed the geese in women, each valuation of $30000-50000 (about RMB 202944-338240 yuan). Prints and paintings department director and vice president Todd Weyman said: "the Swan Gallery painter Pissarro and other Impressionist prints different. Through a large number of examples, the collection reveals Pissarro’s attempts to print, greatly expanding the scope of Impressionist art." (China Heritage Network compile reports) source: Art Daily  compile: Yang Lanlan相关的主题文章: