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The weather is dry, respiratory diseases so rampant, how to prevent? The Sohu into the mother in autumn and winter, the "sick" news can be heard without end. Why in the autumn and winter, respiratory disease is so rampant? One of the reasons is simple – the air is too dry! Some parents will say: this I know, ah, I have asked the children to drink plenty of water, but why is it not? Children cough, fever, and even bronchitis, pneumonia, according to the correct? Sambo mom replied: drink, only the water through the digestive tract into the body, and then through the absorption and metabolism of human body and then transferred to each part of the body needs. At this rate, it will take a long time to ease the symptoms of respiratory distress! Do you know that the most direct and convenient way to relieve respiratory symptoms is to breathe water"! Respiratory tract "drink"? Isn’t that what you choke? Mom said respiratory Sambo "drink" is not called you to respiratory irrigation, but to increase the indoor air humidity! Let us first look at the physiological structure of the respiratory tract and work, so that we better understand the contents of the following. The passage of an air flow through the lungs. The inner surface of the respiratory tract is distributed secretion and cilia (except the nostrils and the posterior pharyngeal wall and vocal cord mucosa), it can warm (or cool), moist and purify the inhaled air, has a protective effect on respiratory organs and body. Not all the runny nose, throat phlegm is bad, in fact, it is also a kind of human self protection mechanism forms: mucus bacteria or dust and other foreign matter through adhesion, cilia movement will a physiological phenomenon of the excreted. Back to the above question: why in the fall and winter, the body’s self – protective effect weakened? Respiratory diseases come? Researchers at the Virginia Tech comprehensive version of the "Public Library of science" Journal article pointed out: the flu virus survival ability will be enhanced when the relative humidity is lower than 50% of the environment,…… When the indoor humidity is low, the concentration of salt and protein in the human respiratory tract will be changed, so that the influenza virus is more likely to survive in the respiratory tract. (excerpt from "the prevention of influenza in 4 new methods of" Zhao Zhixin "seek medical treatment" in 2013 08 on page 8) the air is dry, the living environment of the humidity is too low, will make for gram positive bacteria and pathogenic influenza virus growth in dry environment and strong propagation speed, increasing air dry dust, caused by these it is easy to use these bacteria dust media spread and cause disease epidemic. The air is dry, the human respiratory tract secretion of respiratory tract mucus for the protection of the original, the inside of the water will soon be consumed by the dry air dried up, and the whole human life in a dry environment, not only the respiratory tract, skin and even organs are in the situation of water shortage, so the body of "supply source" is difficult to quickly recharge respiratory water long time, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract in dry state. This is also a good explanation for why we wake up feeling sore throat, nasopharynx dry, dry pain. Breath n相关的主题文章: