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"The wings of a dream in 2016 Chinese young (clothing) designer entrepreneurship contest finals and awards ceremony" was held successfully in fashion — first "dream wings in 2016 Chinese young (clothing) designer entrepreneurship contest finals and awards ceremony was held successfully. China young (clothing) designer entrepreneurship competition, by China Textile Industry Association, the media center and the Beijing dream wing Culture Communication Development Co. Ltd. jointly launched, sponsored by the original brand of Internet business competition, is a show of young innovative power contest. 2016 young designers, Chinese clothing: Entrepreneurship contest sponsors, Beijing dream wing culture communication development limited liability company general manager Li Wenshuang gathered large coffee, players take! The final day of the review team gathered a large coffee: Beijing nine LuxeHome, general manager of limited company of science and technology Masa Maso brand operating officer Sun Hong, the Jinjiang Youth Association executive director of the Beijing chamber of Commerce, Fujian textile and Apparel Association, a Beijing city public Xingwen Xing Textile Garment Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Zongpei, the highest award "Chinese Jinding fashion design" winner, QI GANG brand founder Qi Gang, Holland Royal dress designer, SHEGUANG HU advanced customization brand founder Hu Sheguang starry, vice president, general manager of Newell blue Internet brand incubator Jia Peng, group director, Department of the United States at the beginning of language brand founder Shen Yi, Lin Chunjie first financial institute assistant dean. In addition, the competition of the ad hoc Angel Group, the mysterious guest group are also designed, investment, brand, business, media and other industry leaders and industry experts. The contest jury Holland Royal dress designer jewelry Association, China fashion creative director, SHEGUANG HU haute couture brand founder Hu Sheguang China fashion design highest award Golden Award winner, China ten fashion designers, QIGANG brand founder Qi Gang the big coffee industry in competition, the ability of the players is a full range of assessment. Designers from the judges in the evaluation process more attention to the design ability of the players and the completion of the work, the design of the players made a very pertinent suggestions. Brand, commercial coffee people pay more attention to the works of commercial competitors and entrepreneurial awareness, whether the player works with commercial value, whether can win their own customer groups put forward the question, and guide in entrepreneurial practice and puts forward some suggestions to the players. Not only requires the designer to have a strong professional skills, but also need a good sense of business, which is the designer of the necessary quality of entrepreneurship, but also the event has been the concept of communication. "The young magician" send show visual feast designer statements designers and design works entered the final player in the tournament after auditions, semi-finals of the layers of the test, also has excellent performance in the "re creation" and "crowdfunding" link. These designers, 90 accounted for the majority, there are endless creative works of young. The same day, participating designers with their design and production of clothing on the final stage, to the scene of the audience presents a visual feast. These young designers wonderful performance, so that we see a strong相关的主题文章: