The world’s first Disney theme park entertainment facilities will be landing in Hongkong ajviewer

The world’s first Disney Marvel theme amusement facilities will be landing in Hongkong in anticipation of Disney’s first Marvel theme park rides "iron man flying Tour" will be officially opened in Hongkong Disney park on January 11, 2017. This is the first Disney theme park in Hongkong as the background of the story of the recreation facilities, guests will be flying over Hongkong, and "Iron Man 1" fought against the evil forces of the Hydra 2, multi sensory input dynamic flight experience! Hongkong chief executive Disney Disneyland Liu Yongji said: "I am happy that Disney park’s first Marvel themed rides" iron man flying Tour "in Disney Park in Hongkong, this is our first time to create a story background in Hongkong unique rides into Hongkong unique attractions and street scenes. The new flight dynamic experience, so that guests can take a new look at the angle of the charm of Hongkong, but also to promote the reputation of the vitality of Hongkong to all over the world." "The history of science and Technology Exhibition" cutting-edge technology "stark heart to see the industrial company in Hongkong 3" Asian headquarters and technical genius Toni stark? 4 Hongkong Disneyland Disney decided to hold the world of tomorrow "history of science and Technology Exhibition", "stark industries" of the latest and most strong inventions presented in front of the visitor. "The history of science and Technology Exhibition" with a number of large exhibition hall, including: "history exhibition hall, exhibition hall, exhibition hall of defense" energy "and" Energy Exhibition ", the guests will be the first to explore the" stark industries "most innovative inventions, and after the visit, on the latest technology – Juxian" armor "flying car," iron man flying trip". Editor: GDN023相关的主题文章: