There are eggs! Captain America launched 3 Chinese Blu ray album

There are eggs! "Captain America" launched 3 Chinese Blu ray album by American Marvel studios produced sci-fi action "Captain America 3", recently announced that it will launch Chinese version of 3D blue, BD blue and DVD version of the DVD, containing a large number of marvel eggs. It is reported that all of the versions with the domestic release of dubbing, subtitles, 1080p Full HD film shows each highlight details, bring very fight audio-visual intuitive feelings. 2D Blu ray special collection of special (including the Captain America: the civil war Road, the iron man: civil war Road, the unity that the victory division failed – "Captain America 3" behind the production, the "Hey, everybody is good:" spider man into the M.C.U. and the brain hole wide open: diffuse the "strange" – Dr. Wei), deleted and extended exclusive preview clips, film narrator and other exciting scenes, not only can take you to understand the movie scenes, from the start to the whole process of fixing, can find dozens of carefully designed for Marvel fans in eggs. "Captain America 3" by Chris · Evans, Pepo Robert ·, Scarlett · Donny; Johnson and co star, based on the events of Marvel "published in 2006 the civil war" adapted to undertake in the background of the story "the Avengers 2: Olympic record era" in the aftermath, tells the story of a series of political the problem caused by the Olympic record after the incident led to the intensification of internal contradictions between the story of revenge.相关的主题文章: