There is no Jane Zhang in the room, the Feng Ke agreement and the statement is not legally valid (vi diying

This is not the real Jane Zhang Feng Ke agreement and the statement has no legal effect [Abstract] Feng Ke and Jane Zhang the notarized marriage and supplemental statement, whether it means that two of the premarital property really belongs to total or complete all belong to Jane Zhang? Feng Ke and statement of no legal validity of Hunan radio and television, Feng Ke Jane Zhang was arrested female deputy director of Tencent entertainment Zhuangao the Yingying recently, Jane Zhang’s mother Zhang Guiying published an open letter that Feng Ke Jane Zhang as a tool to make money, and control the daughter’s property. Subsequently, Feng Ke posted in micro-blog notarized the property agreement, the agreement said, Jane Zhang and the joint marriage of the property owned by the marriage before and after the marriage of. However, Zhang Guiying has revealed to the media, Feng Ke in China and the United States are in his personal name in the property, there is no room in the name of the first of the name of the Jane Zhang. But then, Feng Ke added statement in micro-blog, saying he was willing to put all of his name to the name of the property of Liangying. Feng Ke and Jane Zhang of the pre marriage notarization and additional statement, does it mean that the two people’s premarital property really belongs to a total or completely belong to all of it? "The property to the name of Jane Zhang" the statement can not ensure the interests of Tencent Liangying entertainment contacted Chinese lawyer Liu Longzhu, he said, the property in the property, whether it is Chinese or the United States, as long as the property permits not write Jane Zhang’s name, any notarization and property agreements and network declaration is not legally binding. Liu lawyers said that if Feng Ke transferred to the name of the property in the name of the law, there are only two ways in the law: the sale and gift of Jane Zhang. According to Feng Ke’s statement, they should be a gift. According to the "Supreme People’s Court on the implementation of a number of issues" PRC General rules of civil law "provisions of article 128th, real estate gift has 4 steps: 1, the two sides signed a grant written contract, contract should have the gift property location and quantity information; 2, notarization procedures; 3, registration procedures for the transfer of housing ownership, namely modify all the name on the real estate license. 4, housing delivery to the recipient. If the two sides completed the first two steps, and was given a gift to get real estate license, the act of giving a legal effect, but in the end to make up the transfer procedures. The following is the housing grant transfer procedures regulations text screenshots: therefore, if Feng Ke is not his name of the property transfer under the name of Jane Zhang, the micro-blog "will be the property to the name of Jane Zhang" commitment, and can not ensure the interests of Jane Zhang. However, Lawyer Liu added explained: "perhaps the time causes Feng Ke to temporarily unable to transfer the property to the name of Jane Zhang, but if he is sincere to Liangying all of the property cash pledge, he should at least get married in front of Jane Zhang and signed a written contract of gift, and real estate license will be all to Jane Zhang." "Property agreement" can not guarantee that Jane Zhang won the Liangying in the pre marital property if the marriage did not get the Feng Ke real estate license, also has not signed the contract of gift, whether she can follow Feng Ke in micro-blog’s "public property agreement" content, sharing property before marriage with Feng Ke? Liu Longzhu’s lawyer replied: "No. Because no matter China or the laws of the United States, the property agreement is neither necessary nor a sufficient, only an auxiliary.相关的主题文章: