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Travel trap, the most common National Day golden week, many people have a travel plan. However, with the advent of the tourist season there may be various troubles, people accidentally may be caught". We have received nearly a year to sort out the travel complaints, divided into two parts of domestic travel and outbound travel, and industry experts to carry out targeted comments and reminders. Domestic travel case 1: money spent, but did not go to scenic spots during the national day last year, Ms. Yao spent 200 yuan reported a tour group, from Chongqing to Wulong fairy mountain, but played a lap down, she found a lot of attractions have not gone. The tour guide told her, the travel agency has not put the money into his hand, and travel agency for various reasons prevarication. Reminder: individual travel agencies through the blur of scenic spots, in general, so a line, so that consumers feel a lot of attractions, the price will increase. The actual tourism, many scenic spots just in the car on the road, simply did not allow visitors to stay down and carefully tour. To this end, consumers must be every day tour itinerary, attractions stay in time to communicate with the travel agency, clearly written in the contract. Case 2: "eat" is a dilemma in July this year, Ms. Hu offered for a trip to Jiuzhaigou to play the Ruoergai prairie, a pedestrian to eat dinner. They found that there are a lot of cauliflower fungus, caused many people to eat after vomiting, diarrhea cases. But after negotiations with the boss, but has not been resolved. Reminder: received complaints in the domestic tourism, and eat related complaints accounted for 21%. Therefore, tourists travel contract signed in, not only to clear the number of write, dining dining standards, but also mutual agreement, in the food quality is not good, consumers have the right to immediately terminate the travel agents or tour catering arrangements, refund of meals, to solve the dining. Case 3: thousands of dollars to buy jade worthless Lee and his family to Chongqing tourism, participated in a one-day tour of the mission. On the second day, the tour guide took them on a line of 4 people on the day of the trip. In the meantime, they and the same car was pulled to a tourist shop selling jade, Lee spent 5000 yuan to buy a set of jade, back home to take the identification, was told that the value is not worth two. Reminder: in our statistical data, travel shopping complaints accounted for 37%, which includes forced shopping, buy fake, etc.. Industry insiders, in the tourism process to buy jewelry to be careful, as far as possible to the local regular shopping malls and franchise stores to buy. When buying to recognize the authority issued by the identification of the certificate, and obtain invoices and other documents. In the event of a shopping activity beyond the scope of the contract, the right to refuse to participate, and to retain relevant evidence in order to appeal to the relevant departments or complaints. Outbound travel is very Zaoxin case 1: mission to fight in July this year, Mr. Zhang scheduled 29 month trip from Chongqing to Bali Island in a travel website, pay all the expenses. Two days before departure, told the travel agency and several other travel together to fight a group tour. Although travel smoothly, but in the back of the trip, the delegation did not accompany the whole, can only be dejieshe arrangements, and often encounter some temporary added expense items, make originally "crowded" trip more tightly.相关的主题文章: