Thirteen year olds farewell ceremony Liyuan famous and less a person

Thirteen year olds farewell ceremony Liyuan famous and less a person "the pursuit of art, the beginning of the heart does not change" to the cause, good for evil, "we must first learn to learn play tireless in teaching others’ life"…… At the scene, people deeply mourn and cherish the memory of Mr. Wang Zhenfang, almost everyone was infected by the spirit of Wang Zhenfang. Until 11 noon the day before yesterday, a lot of people are still reluctant to disperse. A few famous pear yesterday’s ceremony, the director of the Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of SMG Xu Zhilan for up to 15 minutes to review the life of Wang Zhenfang. He said that Wang Lao’s death is a great loss to Wang Lao Shaoju art, exquisite art and noble art, Shi De always worth learning and memory of children. "Before leaving, he also told me to improve singing. Grandpa, you all the way, I must work hard to learn, play, do good……" Wang Zhenfang’s grandson, said Wang Supeng. The death of Wang Zhenfang, let the industry lament, and a few famous pear. Reporters on the scene saw, in addition to come to attend the farewell ceremony of friends and family, there are many celebrities. Some famous actors Zhao Xiuzhi, Liu Jianyang, Yao Baiqing successively came to literary celebrities Hu Zhaohai, Wang Jiabao also came as a child of thirteen. The old artist Li Yanshou despite 81 years old, also came to the scene yesterday expressed deep grief. Li Lao said he and Wang Zhenfang is working with two people in 1951, has always been a "gold partner": a play Laosheng, a play niche. Although two people have a difference of 3 years old, Wang Zhenfang is his brother in acting. At the age of 16 he entered the theatre or student, Wang Lao is already old, is the stage of "putting the gun". The movie, two people each other is good teachers and helpful friends play, two people; they often play paternity and mentoring, such as "" Mu Jia Zhai in Yang Zongbao and Yang, "after" Deng Qing cinnabar and Liu Chengmei, and "Ji", "dragon and tiger" Luhua "heroes"…… "Even after retirement, we often work together." Li Yanshou said. "Hardcore fans" where Aaron came to Wang Lao, bowed several bow. That Wang Lao had died, he didn’t sleep for a night. "Wang’s play I heard from a large, very emotional, but also my life in the spirit of enjoyment." He Along said. Behind the exquisite artistic attainments is the beginning of the heart does not change "since the genre from classical Enze Luantan Liyuan 100, following the orthodox Yang Shao opera division door pillar." This is the evaluation for his farewell ceremony yesterday when mourning for children age thirteen. Zhejiang national Shaoju Art Research Institute is the second level actor Shi Jiejing, Zhao Xiuzhi, Yao Baiqing after the third flower Shaoxing opera "plum" – Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Prize winner in her artistic career, Wang Lao gave her great encouragement. Wang is a very good state, about his artistic excellence, of great help to our young actor." Shi Jiejing said. Mr Wang Zhenfang’s pursuit of Shaoju art diligently, the ideals of their own at the beginning of the heart does not change, the fans have deep experience. He Along said, Wang Lao repeatedly and he speaks, to respect Shaoju, cultivating young audience, need innovation, change the rhythm, mastery. In fact, in addition to profound artistic attainments, Wang Zhenfang is the inheritance and development of the Shaoxing opera to make painstaking efforts. Shaoju Art Research Institute in Zhejiang!相关的主题文章: