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Tim: I did not expect this year to enter the finals where everything is special Tim this is the first time Tim midfielder to debut the O2 arena in London, he and other senior players players like eating meals, for the first time have their own dressing room, all this all, he is a hard year the best return. Tim, 23, became the youngest player in all of the London finals in the top 8. "It’s a very different game. It’s really special. I’m a little hard to believe that I can win." Tim said. This season for Tim, breaking a significant. At the end of last season ranked 20 in the world, he won the championship of the three tour, but all from the red clay. This season, Tim has improved a lot in hard and grass competitions, and he is the only player who has won 25 games in clay and hard games. This season, Tim won 57 games and scored in the final of the 6 tour. "It was an incredible year, and I didn’t expect to be able to play like this." "There are only eight seats, which means you need to be stable throughout the year. It’s really not easy to stand here." Beijing tonight, Tim will be the first time to stand in the finals, his opponent is defending champion Djokovic, who has won the finals for four consecutive years.相关的主题文章: