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Timid child character how to do? Character determines destiny! From this sentence we can see that the character of a person’s influence is very large. Character is gradually formed in the practice of people. If the baby’s character is very weak, in many people simply do not dare to talk about how to do? Don’t worry, experts give you ideas! First, let the children come into contact with their peers, exercise their psychologists pointed out that the child’s character in the game and daily life, the most obvious performance, which is the best way to correct bad character. Love imitation is a major feature of the child, parents often let children of weak character and bold and brave buddy together, make some follow usually do not, monasteries, slowly get exercise. Two, let the children speak boldly to do this, kung fu or parents. First of all, parents should quit impatient, not to scold, reproach, forcing children to speak. Secondly, you can invite some children of the same age and the weak character to participate in collective activities, then parents in the side of the guide or simply avoid, so that they have a free and unfettered language space. If conditions permit, parents can often take their child to the horizon, the open space areas, and to encourage children to vent. Three, respect for the child, not to expose the child’s relatively short, relatively weak character of the child more introverted, more vulnerable feelings, parents should pay particular attention to protect the child’s self-esteem. If exposed to the child’s short, it will damage the child’s dignity, invisible adverse stimulus can strengthen the child’s weaknesses. Four, let the children learn to grasp their own life, parents acting on their behalf is one of the important reasons for the formation of weak character of children. Some parents of children obey in every way, let the child do anything. This is equivalent to depriving the child the opportunity of self-expression, resulting in the ability of children to live independently atrophy. Xiaobian summary: Children’s weakness in most cases is inseparable with parental education, if a family is very hospitable, often have guests home, father often let the children and contact with different people, the child is not possible cowardly. In addition, parents should encourage their children to say what they want to do more things they like to do.相关的主题文章: