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To 80 feet, we hand chop, chop vegetables to eat and drink! – Sohu ^ click "delicacy world", high nutritional value concern the best WeChat delicacy chicken, containing calcium and collagen rich, eat not only can soften blood vessels, and has the cosmetology effect. Japanese researchers found that chicken contains four kinds of protein components can inhibit blood pressure! Tiger claw | Yang graphic kitchen raw materials: 800 grams of chicken, garlic, onion, Jiang Yikuai, a head of the two and the amount of pepper, pepper, star anise, the amount of a half tablespoon honey, two tbsps white vinegar, two tsp salt, five spice powder, a teaspoon of soy sauce, cooking wine, a spoon, a spoon chicken half a teaspoon of practice: 1 figure, raw materials. 2, with a half pot of water, ginger Paisui into boiling, put chicken boil and continue to cook for two minutes. 3, cooked chicken to cold water, dry. 4, honey and white vinegar, stir. Evenly brush in chicken, a good brush brush over again. Dry after brushing. 5, pot oil, oil heat quickly into the chicken. 6, cover. Shaking the pan from time to time, to prevent the chicken pot. 7, the chicken feet while hot into ice water. 8, soak for 2 – 4 hours. Drain water. 9, the pot of oil drained, small fire stir fry ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, pepper, star anise, put a teaspoon of five spice powder, stir evenly. 10, add cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, boil. 11, put the chicken into the fire to boil, simmer for 10 minutes. 12, add a half teaspoon of chicken, chicken feet soaked into the tasty can tips: 1, chicken boiled water, to cook for a while, parboiled chicken fried until crispy outside and tender. 2, brush honey vinegar water prevents the frying pan into the pan. Not when fryer pot, but also to quickly. 3, fried chicken claw is best to use transparent cover pot, can observe the situation of the tiger. The fried chicken skin, immediately in ice water, the frozen ice into the can. The soaking time should be more than two hours, so the tiger to bulging. – – – grilled chicken graphic | dream blue material: Chicken 500 grams, marinade amount, barbecue pickled spices appropriate practices: 1, 2, chicken and washed to remove the toenails (if there is no ready-made sauce marinade sauce, cooking wine, available sugar, salt, pepper, aniseed and other seasonings mixed with water you love with slow fire boiling) barbecue sauce 3, pickled chicken into the marinade cook for 15-20 minutes, which 4 chopsticks can easily pass through the 5, remove the chicken chicken can use cold water too cold, and soak for 10 minutes to remove the chicken claw, then soaked surface mucus of 6 feet into a container, pour the sauce with salt hand rubbing the seasonings and mix the chicken claws cured for more than 1 hours 7, Marinated chicken out, bamboo chicken, Chicken Skewer 8 method相关的主题文章: