Today the rain in the rain at the end of this month to Xi’an sunny (video)

Today the rain in the rain this month at the end of Xi’an to sunny Xi’an into the rain mode newspaper reporter Ma Zhao photo in the autumn of the moisture, soil wall on the wall a few snail sucking moss on the dew frost photo reporter Li Zonghua yesterday, the province’s 69 cities and counties 14 counties appear light rain, moderate rain, 3 in the rain, cold is more obvious. Today the rain, local heavy rain in southern shaanxi. The latest news is that the rainy days in Xi’an until the end of the month, 30 days before the difficult day. The province’s 69 counties rainfall in the afternoon, walking in the city streets, cold wind blowing, a chill in my heart. On the street, a lot of people put on a sweater and jacket, and some old people even put on a down jacket. "Home, cold and wet, no advance open air conditioning heating!" Who lives in the southern suburbs of the first floor of a residential Ms. Lin said, arthritis mother made again, wearing a knee, wearing trousers. Provincial meteorological experts said, as of 4 pm yesterday, the province’s 69 cities and counties of rain, 14 counties have moderate rain, 3 counties under heavy rain, respectively is 29.3 mm, Baihe 27.8 mm and 27.6 mm Zhenba ziyang. The temperature, the highest temperature in most places at 10-15 DEG, Northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong 10 cities and counties all the temperature below 10 DEG C, the highest temperature of 7.2 degrees in Tongchuan yijun. Because of the rain, there is no sunlight to heat up, coupled with the wind, so people feel particularly cold. Yesterday is the seventy-two solar term "on frost, Hou Ji Jie" said: "in September, Qi Su Ning, dew knot cream." Economic crops meteorological experts said, "is the last solar term in autumn, gas as dew, dew and frost condensate, vegetation scattered, northern temperature decreased, the Yellow River basin generally occur at the beginning of winter frost, has been knocking on the door. Early morning in October 9th, northern Shaanxi has been the first frost. This month in Xi’an to have a sunny day today the precipitation situation remained unchanged, 25 days with precipitation and rainfall moved eastward, decreased 26 by the subtropical high and cold air south road to strengthen mutual influence, further increase the scope and magnitude of precipitation. During the day: cloudy with light rain in the province, in some places have moderate rain, local heavy rain south; on the 25 day: tonight, the province cloudy, with light rain in some places; 26: Province cloudy with small to moderate rain in southern Shaanxi, some places have moderate to heavy rain. Xi’an today cloudy rain, 10 to 13 DEG C; tomorrow cloudy to rain, 10 to 13 DEG C; after the rain, 11 to 13 DEG C; 27 days of light rain to moderate rain, 10 to 12 DEG C; 28 days of rain changing to light rain, 9 to 10 DEG C; 29 days of rain cloudy, 8 to 14 DEG C; 30 cloudy, 6 to 15 DEG C. At the end of this month in Xi’an to remind the public that the cold and warm sunny days! Chief reporter Ji Na (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. First concern: continuous rainy days carefully wet disease相关的主题文章: