Too can make! Fu Jianv lost light money into a Central Park tramp

Too can make! Fu Jianv lost light money into a Central Park tramp public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: New York Fu Jianv lost light money into a Central Park tramp tramp girl to a well-off family in August this year, the United States of New York was born in a well-off family of women become homeless, the transition from identity luxury heiress to nothing, out on the street with her husband’s status. She not only experienced great changes in the family bankrupt, but also bear the separation of misery. Marianne Freedman Foote, the woman named Marianne – Freedman (Marianne Friedman-Foote) – Foote, 63 year old, who is on the upper east side of Manhattan mansion somewhere heir. It is reported that the luxury area of almost 400 square meters, and now the value of $10 million (about RMB 68 million). Marianne and her husband, Marianne’s grandfather, run a large textile mill. However, Marianne’s early life was not always smooth. From a well-known local preparatory school one year after graduation, she died in 1972, suffered first major changes — grandfather in life. Mothers suffering from depression and panic disorder then sold their property and made millions of dollars. Marianne and her husband in the garbage at the same time, Marianne left home to attend Boston University, became a nurse after graduation, and married her first husband, soon gave birth to her daughter Giselle (Giselle). However, the happy marriage lasted only a short time. About 30 years ago, Marianne’s husband had to move to New York because of his work, and lived in the neighborhood of her early childhood home in the city of Marianne. Not long after the settlement, the 2 separated. Marianne and her husband, although the clean clothes in such a harsh environment, Marianne still retains a sense of humor, and said: "I will never have that kind of Dutch act, find the tree jump down dead. I’ve always had a vision of life, and I’m sure I’ll get through with Frank." Marianne and her husband fell in love with her first husband, who moved to Florida and took her daughter, Giselle, who was only years old, with her daughter, who was only about a year old, and then moved on to her husband, who was only about a year old, and her husband, who was only 3 years old. Since then, Marianne has never seen his daughter. Remember the last time we met, and her daughter Marianne burst into tears: "I remember the day she went to wear clothes: blouse is blue trousers, above the white cross and plaid. Her lovely face imprinted in my heart." Marianne smiled and said to Marianne, "I miss her every moment, every time I see a child in the park, I think of her.". I don’t see this daughter every day torturing me, it is hardly wished to live." In addition, since leaving home after college, Marianne has not been able to contact his mother and sister. Optimistic Marianne suffered too much pain, suffering from depression, even at the age of, he was addicted to drugs in the age of 40. In order not to heroin, she had 6 years to replace methadone, a week will suck the 4. After her mother died, she split up with her sister 3 million相关的主题文章: