Two men online shopping parts bird was arrested homemade gun-cashmere mafia

Two men online shopping bird was homemade gun parts in the original title: online shopping system parts shot bird two men punished by the China Daily News (reporter correspondent Wei Nan Li Long) man parts and slingshot gun from online buy and homemade guns, two guns will be hiding in a friend’s house, secretly took out flat bird. Eventually, the man was arrested by the police according to law, administrative detention, while the man was hiding firearms were punished according to law. At the beginning of October, the Weinan Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic development branch Sim City police station received Jiangsu police investigation, request on two non legal trafficking of firearms. After receiving xiechatongbao, the police immediately involved in the investigation, finally visited by courier companies, such as the local village, locking the 32 year old Liu and 43 year old Chen has a major crime suspects, then from the Chen family seized 1 homemade gun and 1 single barreled slingshot gun. The investigation, from March to May this year, Liu repeatedly online purchase from the steel tube and the sight and other accessories and 1 branches at home and a gun, made 1 single air gun. For fear of his family found that they will be hiding in the hands of two friends Chen home, then the two men also carry guns to go out to fight the birds, but has not yet caused social harm. According to the investigation, the police opened the law according to Liu administrative detention for 5 days, while Chen was also punished by public security. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: