U.S. media evaluation of the five general will usher in a career representative season Superstar Wei-diying

U.S. media evaluation of the five general will usher in a career representative of the season Superstar: Wei Wei led less next season will be more than a terrorist? Sina sports news Beijing time on October 9th, the new season is about to begin, Hoops Habit was selected in the new season is about to usher in the career of the five star. We may have the best season has seen many superstars, such as Lebron – James, Stephen – Curitiba, etc.. But for the following five players, although they have been a superstar, but next season will be their career so far the best season. 5. Damian Lillard torn city last season 4 to leave the case beyond all expectations to win 44 games in the regular season, Lillard outstanding performance is undoubtedly the most important reason to help the team achieve success. In the last season they reached the Western Conference semifinals, but if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are not injured, they can get out of the first round? This summer, they left Crabbe and other Titans, also added Evan Turner, he can help organizations to share the burden of Lillard, which makes Ladd can liberate his offensive firepower. In fact, it is hard to find more billera de 25+7+4 data better players. Don’t forget the last season he lost the election after the all star performance how crazy. The new season, if this scene staged again, he will contribute what kind of performance will not be imagined. 4. Paul – George George last season’s nirvana rebirth moved all the people, devastating injuries didn’t make him unable to get up after a fall. In the off season, the Pacers made changes to make snap their squad: Geoff Teague replaced George Hill, Thaddeus young and Eyre Jefferson will be in the middle, meritorious coach Vogel has become Macmillan, but decided to walk to go far, only George. Last season, he averaged 23.1 points and 7 rebounds and 4.1 assists and 1.9 steals. The Pacers wanted to speed up the legal publicity, in the style of offense, and Yang Teague can help George share the pressure, which makes him get more opportunities than last season, he won’t be so lonely. However, Indiana’s defense may not be so good, it will also allow them to record the decline, but George will be in his 26 year old this year to usher in his career the best season. 3. Leonard Tim – Duncan test Wye – retired in the summer, the Spurs will enter the era of formal Leonard. He is likely to defend the best defensive player this year, with him in the Spurs can prevent the opponent’s flank, but the barrier from the inside Duncan replaced by Gasol, I do not know the defense will not be a problem. This is the first time he will be the whole team on the shoulder, the former leader Duncan accustomed to set an example, Kavai is also an athlete. At the age of 25 grade, he was already a famous 20 point scorer, his last season in the MVP award in the second highest in the Spurs this team is in the team)相关的主题文章: