Warm heart appeared Grandpa Christina 38 file to send longevity sorpack

Warm heart appeared "Grandpa Christina 38" set file sent "longevity" Tencent entertainment news September 21st comedy film "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" held in Beijing "Tong grandfather 38 years old birthday" conference, for the movie file. South Korean Director Ann Bingji and starring Tong Dawei, Wen Xin et al collective appearance. Tong Dawei played in the film girlfriend, while playing the kindergarten teacher Wen Xin, dressed in a white suit with elegant wide leg pants, show charming temperament. When the host asked filming fun, warm heart has a lot of respect when filming the warm heart of things, for example, because of their own into the group later, enter the characters a bit slow, but is still the patience to guide their brother, give advice, the heart is very touched. This year coincides with the 38 Tong Dawei conference to have all the creative age, Tong Dawei sent birthday gift". Round and warm heart, a gift is actually "longevity", Tong Dawei happy calligraphy responded: "just can also give my mother-in-law, quickly catch up with her seventy birthday!" In the part of the group’s visit to reporters, warm heart, big brother and Liu Ruilin as the scene which is her love of food, warm heart came up and pointed to play small actor, said "this is my love little meat." Talking about feelings, Wen said he was fortunate enough to shoot the film, and we can work together, I feel very happy. And that the most important filming and life is happy, I hope you can happy every day. The movie "Grandpa Christina 38" set file released well at the end of groovy atmosphere, the film will be released on November 11th National release, I believe that the film will bring more and more effect for everyone.相关的主题文章: