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Warriors in green or change the record for 26 years Adu curry love Boston November 19th video broadcast Celtic warriors vs West Coast ship can run over TD garden Tencent sports news November 19th (the ESPN data center) according to the ESPN report, today away Celtic warriors match, is expected to become the November 1990 open first, in the League 6 consecutive assists team sent 30+. Warriors in green or change in the 26 year history of the past two seasons in the regular season, the warriors have been dominant, they have 67 wins 15 of the negative record in the 2014-15 season, the season is a record of 73 wins and 9 losses. But in the past two seasons, the Celtics have brought trouble to the Warriors – in the past 4 teams in the past, the difference between the two points in less than 5 minutes. Last season, the first time the two teams clash, on the road warriors in overtime to win 124-119; two teams last season second games, the Celtics won by 109-106 on the road, and the end of the 54 warriors home court winning streak. Today, the Celtics will be at home against the warriors, which is the first time the two teams clash this season. Curry last two visits to Boston averaged 37.5 points, Durant last four visits to Boston averaged 30.5 points. The warriors are in a very good shape and they have scored more than 116 points per game during the course of the five straight game, and they can send out at least 30 assists per game. The last 6 games in the League to send 30+ assists, or the Blazers in November 1990. Since November 8th this year, the warriors have sent 33.2 assists, they have the opportunity to become the Lakers after the 1984-85 season, the first single season were sent 30+ assists team. In addition to the team to share the ball in between, curry and Durant also began to form a chemical reaction, this season they averaged more than 27 points, and the shooting rate of more than 50%. They are the only team to do this on the two figures this season, and are likely to become the first team in history to do so throughout the season. At the same time, Celtic’s defense has improved over the past 4 games averaging only 93.8 points points. In the past two home court game, the Celtics are losing no more than 90 points. Thomas is averaging 27.2 points this season and is expected to be one of the most effective strikers in the history of a player who is below the height of 6 feet. Thomas has scored 30+ in the last two games, he has never scored 3 consecutive 30+, but today he has the opportunity to do it. Thomas is also following the 1986-87 season, after the Kevin -, the first in the first 11 games of the season scored 20+ Celtics players. Little Thomas’s backcourt mate Avery Bradley, he has excellent performance in this season, averaged 18.5 points and 8.7 rebounds, two data were a career high. Bradley is averaging rebounds this season, only in the League defender.相关的主题文章: