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What do Jinhua marital property notarization? Half of all married couple recently, singer Jane Zhang married into a reversal and farce, among them Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s property notarization, caused a lot of discussion on this topic, let the premarital property notary, once again attracted attention. In Jinhua, the public for the pre marital property notarization degree of acceptance, the number of such notary? Qianjiang Evening News reporter interviewed the notary office of Jinhua, understand the relevant situation. If you find a notary Notary mood will immediately terminate when it comes to pre marital property notarization, we must first pay attention to two terms, China promulgated the new marriage law, marital property notarization for the name property agreement, the marriage is called the marital property agreement. Jinhua now has a high degree of acceptance of property notarization, especially after the promulgation of the new marriage law, the amount of property notarization increased by about half." Jinhua Zhengxin notary Notary Office Director Qian Xuemei said, they recently annually for about two hundred, of which the wedding before and after to handle about half. This summer, a couple in the wedding day, came to Jinhua Zhengxin notary office, do the marital property agreement. "There is no embarrassment at the scene, to do a notary, before the consultation must be in private to discuss the good." For the couple to apply for notarization notary told reporters. Notarization must be voluntary, if in the process of notarization, found that one party has emotions, will immediately terminate. For example, some people, just do not look at the documents, directly say, ‘how do you say it’, in this case, the notary can not go on." In addition to the young couple married for many years, a lot of the old couple, also to handle the marital property agreement, the property notarization is relatively complex, involving more, mainly in real estate, including equity, bonds, securities and income. Do this notary, the reasons for a wide variety, we are not easy to ask very deep." Notary said, do property notarization although some hurt feelings, can avoid a lot of unnecessary disputes. Remarried couples do a good job in the property notarization can avoid some of the contradictions in the marriage before the marriage of property notarization in the crowd, there is a kind of remarried couples. Notary remember a few days ago, nearly seventy years old came to the letter Jinhua notary office, his children are doing business, very successful, Zhang himself also have a pension, the house, the number of shares, and the savings of many years. His wife died two years ago, the children are busy working, then Zhang left alone at home. Later he met an old lady, two, two people want to married life together. But he is afraid that children opposed, worried that two children because of property disputes, so Zhang to the notary office consultation. Later, Zhang and his wife with their own quasi housing ownership, stock options and other evidence, accompanied by both children under the property agreement notary. "Remarried couples involved in the property is relatively more, the situation is more complex, notary is to protect their property rights and interests are not infringed, but also a respect for the spouse." Notary representation. Premarital property agreed to do, or can avoid a lot of unnecessary disputes. After all, the social relationship between the husband and wife is relatively complicated.相关的主题文章: