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What is the best time to defecate every day? Know the anti constipation source: Kang Yi lived 100 years old every time a stool, defecation in the best every day after breakfast, because after breakfast, the food enters the stomach can cause stomach, colon reflex, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, a large creeping wave, easy to produce the defecation reflex. Defecation is a reflex activity in itself, and it can be used as a conditioned reflex. As long as the timing of defecation for a period of time, you can gradually establish a conditioned reflex defecation, the formation of habits will be able to smooth out the stool after a time. We often ignore or tolerate inconvenience, waste should be discharged and shall not be discharged in the gut retention is too long, dry and cause constipation, at the same time in the course of time will make the fecal rectal sensation function drops, cause proctogenous constipation. Defecation concentration, to overcome the stool when reading newspapers, novels or listen to the radio and other bad habits, as far as possible to shorten the defecation time, but also to ensure that there is enough time to drain the stool. Don’t appear constipation laxative abuse: because of the abuse of laxatives will interfere with or disrupt the normal activity of the gastrointestinal tract and absorption function, it is easy to form a laxative abuse often intractable constipation, or cause diarrhea, fecal incontinence etc..相关的主题文章: