What Rengao Daye Tianfeng, Chinese painting art exhibition opening World Tour [New York] 3344111

What Rengao Daye Tianfeng, Chinese Painting Art World Tour [New York] exhibition opening following the December 2014 visit to the United States, two years later, in October 21, 2016 of this year, should the U.S. – China Cultural Exchange Association and global health association invited Mr. He Rengao once again set foot on the eastern United States territory, the theme is "what Rengao art Chinese Daye Tianfeng, painting world tour" New York Exhibition "opened in New York, a half month exhibition of art exchange activities, the exhibition in New York Sheng Sheraton Fala, new world The Sovereign has, exhibited thirty-eight works, is eight feet and six feet Doufang macro volume, around the following Beijing, Russia after the exhibition, where Rengao global tour theme. New York exhibition. This works with traditional green colors, grand and magnificent composition, connotation and agile thinking and impress the audience from all walks of life, nearly a thousand people watched the exhibition, and was deeply shocked and touched on works. During the exhibition, the sun group vice president, Ms. Zhang Yihong (Sherry Zhang) and other leaders after the exhibition was very appreciated, Mr. Ren Gao distinguished any American sun group art consultant, the exhibition works one-time collection. And its contract for ten years, acting Mr. He Rengao’s various categories of works of art. Sun Group "global cloud as" the "meet" the host "New York star", "golden microphone" said Mr. Chen Ge interview Mr. He Rengao, on the cultural differences of the topic, talk about different ages aesthetic structure, culture and art Chinese on how to integrate with international art circles, talk about the discussion and consensus. Mr. He Rengao is the Beijing Artists Association of Hunan in Hunan, the elite of Xiangdang for the arrival of the warm reception, and appointed as association consultant, and agreement to the United States regular exchanges, exhibition, and cultural integration, interleaving, a new collision sparks as the platform of friendship. President Li Lin and vice president of the team, such as the performance of great enthusiasm and confidence. This line has only half a month, while visiting Harvard, Yale, MIT, west American schools and the The National Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum etc.. Although the journey is compact, but the content is rich, the rhythm is quick, the bright spot is many, but actually is the rich artistic life of the artist and the rich spiritual wealth. I want to work hard with the "brick" of the oriental culture, and "break" the vision of opening the door of the western culture, "said Mr. He Rengao. (reporter: the reporter: the news)相关的主题文章: