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Why do we buy this house in Shanghai? The truth is here! Shanghai delicacy welfare for the digital information life activities not only have China superstition, foreign companies have opened, weddings, etc. should be selected with mobile phone number "6", "8 days" or the number "4", "13" and the number is bookstalls people have shunned this kind of custom to the choice of residential floors on the performance of the more tangled the number itself is not what special meaning has become a victim of the evil god suspected but when to buy a house but these in the floor level on a lot of people also have different views on when to buy a house, a lot of people love to choose high rise, high floor air and privacy, many buyers are willing to buy a high floor, but housing is not possible, you know the first few layers, it is good? The advantages and disadvantages of one to three layers: when an accident occurs, such as earthquake, collapse, fire and other accidents, one to the three floor of the safest floor. Especially for families with children. All aspects of factors, if it is an ordinary old five or six storey residential, the three layer is the best. Disadvantages: one to three layers, living in the area may be very quiet, if street, car exhaust, dust pollution by way of the most. In some of the old district, the basement will back up moisture, and are more vulnerable to mosquito infestation. In addition, the first floor is also the most vulnerable to theft. Four to the advantage and disadvantage of the six layer: for high-rise residential, from an environmental point of view, the security of the four to the six best. Disadvantages: if the elevator failure, or when the elevator is crowded, the four to the six layer may be for the elderly and children, it is inconvenient to go up and down the stairs. Seven, the advantages and disadvantages of the eight layers: for high-rise residential buildings, the seven, the eight floor is " gold floor ". This floor quiet, from automobile exhaust and so on, and also not let people reach the degree of fear. Disadvantages: seven layer, eight layer for people living, although convenient, but for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of the people, is the most suitable for living, because the air pressure is low, it is easy to make people feel breathless, so people do not buy cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The advantages and disadvantages of the nine to the third floor: from the nine floor to the fifteen floor and above the floor, is the brightest floor. The tallest tree does not reach this height, so the light is not easily blocked. Disadvantages: if there is a waste discharge pipeline in these layers, then the impact of these layers is the largest. Fifteen or more advantages and disadvantages: the best vision, the most fresh air. Residential building heating is rising, so the sixteen warmest. Disadvantages: in some of the old residential high-rise residential building, general water pressure is small, sometimes without water phenomenon. Moreover, when the fire is not easy to escape, and the fire emitted by the toxic gases are spread from the bottom, so it is the most dangerous floor. The total number of different floors are not the same as the choice of 15 high-rise residential several layers: 5-7 layer. 18 high-rise residential several best: 6-7 layer. 22 high-rise residential several best: 5-7 layer. 14-17 layer. 24 high-rise residential several best: 6-7 layer. 15-20 layer.相关的主题文章: