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Health Vitamins are .plex substances that are essential for a good body function. If one lacks a certain vitamin or group of vitamins, his body functions may be effected to the point of weakness, disease or even death. Without vitamins we simply can’t survive. Vitamins are divided into groups. There are 6 groups in total : A, B, C, D, E and K. Each group is responsible for certain body function, and therefore lack of vitamins from that group will result in problems in that area of body functions. Let’s take a look at the different groups, the advantages they have and the dangers of not having enough of them. We’ll also look at how one can obtain a good amount of that vitamin group. Vitamin A: Helps eye sight, as well as night vision. Strengthens bones and teeth. Useful in preventing skin problems such as acne. Lack of Vitamin A may cause immunity deficiency, eye sight and skin problems. Vitamin A can be found in fruit like melon and in vegetables like carrot and pumpkin. It can also be found in milk. Vitamin B: The vitamins in this group help preserve the skin and helps the nerve system function. It also enables the manufacturing of red blood cells, which carry the oxygen to all body parts. These Vitamins are extremely important. Lack of them can cause anemia, depression, hair loss and nerve damage. The Vitamin B can be found in fish, meat and vegetables like Broccoli and Spinach. Vitamin C: Helps the bones and helps wounds cure rapidly. Prevents infections and diseases from developing. Prevents colds and the dreaded Scurvy disease which killed thousands of people before the importance of Vitamin C was recognized. Vitamin C can be found in al Citrus as well as in tomatoes and Broccoli Vitamin D: Aids in the absorption of Calcium in the bones. Strengthens bones and teeth. Can be found in Milk, Tuna Fish and eggs. You can also get the body to produce it via exposure to sun light. Vitamin E: Prevents tissue aging, reserves the skin, neutralizes free radicals. Prevents vascular diseases. Can be found in Corn, Peanuts and green vegetables. Vitamin K: Helps absorb fats in the digestion process. Can be found in cheese and green vegetables. It’s important to note that the best way to get vitamins is straight form the food source itself. However, there are many people who take vitamin pills to make sure the levels of vitamins in their system are adequate. This is a good solution as many people’s nutrition is lacking. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the amount of vitamins you intake will not pass the re.mended daily dose. Remember that too much of a certain vitamin can be harmful, too About the Author: 相关的主题文章: