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A woman to rehab her boyfriend to spend 30 thousand and 8 money to sell his own daughter Taiwan network in November 8th, according to Fuzhou Daily News reported that just because worried about her boyfriend in the centre, no money to the poor, women Huang Moumou the balance of emotion will tend to be less than her boyfriend, a half year old daughter to sell at a price of 38 thousand yuan, will sell his daughter the money remitted to her boyfriend. The day before, Huang Moumou for selling their own by Jinan District procuratorate. According to the introduction, Huang Moumou has a son, after understanding Yang, two people established a love relationship. Because Yang is a drug addicts, not long after Huang Moumou also infected with drug addiction, two people without fixed work and income sources. In July 2015, Huang Moumou in Jinan District hospital gave birth to a baby girl, because he is not also unable to raise the baby, and eldest son by Huang Moumou mother on behalf of their upbringing. In November 2015, Yang was arrested in Guangdong for drug use, and was forced to be treated for 2 years. In the drug rehabilitation center, Yang repeatedly contacted Huang Moumou, said he had no money in the drug rehabilitation center, let Huang Moumou send money quickly. One side is the side is the daughter cry piteously for food, hurried to send money drug own boyfriend, and penniless, Huang Moumou guilty of worry. In the end, she made a stupid and ridiculous choice. In June this year, Huang Moumou sell her daughter’s things brought to light, was arrested by the police.

女子为给戒毒所里男友筹钱花 3万8卖掉亲生女儿台海网11月8日讯 据福州日报报道,只因为担心男友在戒毒所里没钱生活不好,女子黄某某将感情的天平倾向了男友,将自己还不到半岁的女儿以3.8万元的价格卖掉,将卖女儿的钱汇给男友。日前,黄某某因拐卖亲生子女被晋安区检察院批捕。据介绍,黄某某已有一子,认识杨某之后,两人确立了恋爱关系。因杨某是一名吸毒人员,没多久黄某某也染上了毒瘾,两人无固定工作和收入来源。2015年7月,黄某某在晋安区医院产下一名女婴,因自己无心也无力抚养,女婴和长子都由黄某某的母亲代其抚养。2015年11月,杨某在广东吸毒被警方抓获,被强制戒毒2年。在戒毒所,杨某多次联系黄某某,称自己在戒毒所里没有钱花,让黄某某赶快寄钱。一边是嗷嗷待哺的女儿,一边是催着寄钱的戒毒男友,自己又身无分文,黄某某犯了愁。最终,她做出糊涂又荒谬的选择。今年6月,黄某某卖女儿的事情败露,被警方抓获。相关的主题文章: