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Wu Wei: perfect the control mechanism of   promote the automobile society harmonious development — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Wu Wei: perfect the control mechanism to promote the harmonious development of society China automobile 2016 automobile industry development (TEDA) International Forum held in Tianjin, the national development and Reform Commission Director Wu Wei Department of industry coordination on how to perfect the regulation mechanism, strengthen policy guidance, so as to further promote the healthy development of the automobile industry made a keynote speech. This year, the theme of the forum is the supply side reform, the new dynamic remodeling, which is of great significance for the future development of the automotive industry. Since the beginning of reform and opening up, Chinese automobile industry has made remarkable achievements, especially since entering the new century, enter a rapid development stage, and China’s successful response to the challenge of the world, but also to deal with the depth of the impact of the global financial crisis. Gradually established a complete automotive industry system, but also to narrow the gap with the developed countries. A number of enterprises to enter the world’s top five hundred, the overall competitiveness of the automotive industry continues to increase. At present, China has entered the new normal economic development, into the "13th Five-Year" important strategic transformation, an important feature of this time is the impact of the new technological revolution and the industrial revolution gradually deepening. How to realize the transition period of China’s automobile industry from large to strong in the important strategy, according to the central deployment, to give full play to the decisive role of the market on the one hand, the main role of course include enterprises, but also to play a good role on the other hand, the relevant government. The establishment of an early warning mechanism for production capacity to actively guard against excess capacity is an old topic, but in the new stage of development there are new situations and new forms. Here, this problem is compounded, the automobile industry has been the society, enterprises and local government investment focus, since 2009, China has seven consecutive years to maintain the scale of car sales in the world, the size of the market has been close to the total of 25 million cars, the effect is very significant. But with the development of economic growth in the new normal, there is a new situation, the car sales growth tends to slow down the car at the same time, the external environment of the development of the new changes, changes in the new development of science and technology industry, bring some new trends in the development of intelligent acceleration, social capital has also been accelerated to gather in the automobile industry. In the understanding of the current situation, on the one hand we have really exist in the automobile industry structural overcapacity problem is obvious, according to a survey commissioned by the steam Research Center last year we do, China’s auto production accounted for 98% more than more than and 30 major automobile enterprises, the formation of vehicle production capacity has been around 31 million cars. The capacity has been built in more than 6 million, which has exceeded the current car consumption growth we can now foresee. In the capacity utilization rate also appeared more obvious structural problems, is a commercial vehicle utilization rate is relatively low, the overall utilization rate of only about 52%, passenger car utilization rate is relatively not obvious problems, in the construction of production capacity expansion will further exacerbate the situation. Although the new energy vehicles in recent years, the rapid growth of the future is expected to be concerned about all aspects of society led to short-term相关的主题文章: