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Xinjiang tax risk management of large enterprises in the tax over 200 million – Channel – Xinjiang since 2016, the National Tax Bureau of Xinjiang District Bureau, established in dis two co-ordinate the tax audit mode, risk management and industry enterprise monitoring, combining day-to-day management, promote enterprise risk coping effectiveness "rising", as the current total storage plugging income tax 218 million yuan, a record high over the same period. Reporters learned from the Inland Revenue Department of Xinjiang tax bureau, the Bureau of the integration of all levels of resources within the system, the establishment of a two team to co-ordinate the risk management of large enterprises in xinjiang. District Bureau of the core team responsible for the enterprise group headquarters in Xinjiang, the city team are responsible for determining the members of the unit and the city’s large enterprises, realize the multi-level analysis and response to proceed, the risk management mechanism of the formation of Xinjiang "chess" of large enterprises. Through team cooperation and unified platform operation, the formation of a smooth flow of information, the rapid operating mechanism of the alley, played a "1+1> 2" team role. The director of the Xinjiang State Taxation Bureau directly under the tax bureau Fang Jianchao said: "do a good job in the administration push the 1000 group risk response task and the use of big data to carry out pilot risk response tasks at the same time, we expand the risk issues and extension of enterprise wide, lateral tax analysis of risk, longitudinal analysis of subjects in-depth investigation data data. For example, according to the results of a preliminary risk response of electric power enterprise, we specifically ask enterprises to self-examination, risk response will expand to the whole group, is to play to the effect, so that the risk of radiation from an enterprise to deal with the whole group and the whole industry." Xinjiang IRS will be large enterprise risk management and deepening the country land tax cooperation organically, according to the State Administration of Taxation "deepening enterprise tax management and service implementation plan" in establishing a sound tax management country land tax cooperation mechanism, combined with the local taxation departments jointly deploy collaborative work, found doubt, to strengthen information sharing and implementation result sharing. Through the business tax risk points should have to pay corporate income tax more than 500 yuan. Have a strong team of talent is the fundamental risk management of large enterprises. Xinjiang IRS in the process of building a two team in the process of working together to explore the level of mutual learning training model two. With Urumqi, Karamay Municipal Bureau of State Taxation Bureau jointly organized a large enterprise risk management training 2, explain the operation method by the District Bureau of the backbone through examples, exercises, sharing, working experience and the team members play the role of Teaching benefits teachers as well as students. The Council also by the General Administration of intellectual aid to the west, the Zhejiang provincial tax cadres to invite school experts to teach two members of the team of the class, for large enterprises to do a good job of tax management talent pool. (Li Wen Zhao Qiong Wang Haoyi) (Xu Mongolia, commissioning editor Han Ting)相关的主题文章: