Xu Dazhe meets with Party Secretary of Beijing Institute of Technology, w32dasm

Xu Dazhe met with the Secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Institute of Technology Zhao Changlu Xu Dazhe met with Party Secretary of the Beijing Institute of Technology Zhao Changlu Hunan daily news November 25th afternoon, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Xu Dazhe met with the party secretary of Beijing Institute of Technology Zhao Changlu in Changsha. Vice governor Zhang Jianfei attended the meeting. Xu Dazhe said that at present, Hunan province is thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Eleventh Party Congress, vigorously implement the innovation, leading the rise of open development strategy, enlarge the "one" advantage, building beautiful happy new Hunan. Beijing Institute of Technology is based on the strong, Yang letter, Tuo days, the discipline characteristics, the construction of a series of high-level innovation platform and research team, in the national defense science and technology, dual-use technology has obvious advantages. I hope Beijing Institute of Technology actively docking Hunan development strategy, deepen cooperation, and accelerate the depth of integration, increase in Hunan layout innovation platform efforts to enhance Hunan’s science and technology innovation strength, provide strong technical support and strong construction. Zhao Changlu said, Beijing Institute of Technology and Hunan in scientific research has a high degree of fit, the broad prospects for cooperation. Beijing Institute of Technology will accelerate the implementation of bilateral strategic cooperation framework agreement, gathering key direction, in scientific research, personnel training, transformation, integration of military and civilian aspects of promoting more projects in Hunan landing, as soon as possible to make innovative achievements into real economic activity, boosting the local economy. (Hunan Daily reporter’s)相关的主题文章: