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Yamashita Eiko: let me write the marriage life "off the house," the book [Abstract] through the "off from the" results, you can choose to make a better judgment: the choice is really right. If you feel better after the break off, then the person’s own sense of trust and trust will be stronger. Tencent culture eon Chen Mofa from Beijing on November 1st afternoon, "broken homes" to teach "guru", Japanese writer mountain yingzi there is a debate about "broken homes" speech at the Japanese embassy. She dressed simple formal black suit with red skirt, but not rigid, a chestnut red hair makes her look gentle. In the five hours of speech and interview, she has been smiling, giving a positive response to the questioner. Yamashita Eiko, who was born as a liberal arts student from Waseda University in Japan, after graduation, like many ordinary Japanese women, chose to get married and go into the family. At the age of 50, Yamashita Eiko wrote "break away from" a book, immediately swept asia. What is "broken away from the house"? Cut off what you don’t need, give up something that is not useful, and leave something to be desired. But Yamashita Eiko in the interview, she stressed that, in the process of breaking away from the past, through the goods, re-examine the relationship between people and things, as well as the real needs of people’s hearts. "Break away from", is a new understanding, accept their own way. At present, Yamashita Eiko in cooperation with the China alliance public institutions, collect some have been "breaking away from homes" to the sale of goods, fund-raising, desert afforestation in China, such "dust to Japan will be less," she smiled. "Broken homes" [], Yamashita Eiko, Wu Qian. Guangxi science and Technology Press in 2013 07 month "obsession as the wound scar knot as Tencent culture: you wrote" broken homes "this book at the age of 50, then why would want to write this book? Yamashita Eiko: I started learning yoga at the age of 22 Dojo, were taught "broken homes" concept. But in ten years began to realize "broken homes" can be used in real life, so I "in my own life, broken homes" in constant failure and experience, summed up the "broken homes" concept, he began to write the blog, finally publishers see. After the book was a lot of people know. Tencent culture: the beginning of the implementation of "off from home", in which stage of life? Yamashita Eiko: I got married when I was 22 years old. After marriage, he lives with his family, including his mother. I have been looking for a space of their own, in the end what is really where I should be, in the heart of the confusion came out. So I was looking for their own space and place in the process, the formation of the concept of "off". To stay in a place that is not my own, there is no room for their own, and this is particularly painful for me, feel uneasy, there is no sense of security. Tencent culture: "if you give up" is a way to make people happy, what do you think is happiness? Yamashita Eiko: "break away from" is not to imagine what is happiness, but in turn think,.相关的主题文章: