Yangzhou, a man suffering from back pain for 30 years with severe urinary incontinence (video) face gossip

A man in Yangzhou 30 years back hard to carry the condition with major urinary incontinence for sixty men stoop, falling back pain problems, but he even reluctantly 30 years has not been treated. Nearly three months, the man felt pain in the waist, spread to both sides of the thigh, sit uneasy, sleep well. The doctor diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation, but because of the fear of surgery, the man dragged on, resulting in serious condition, appeared incontinence. The symptoms of back pain for more than 30 years without medical illness, appear incontinence Wang farmers home development zone, 67 years old this year, the last three months, feeling abnormal pain. Before the waist has been bad, but also often hurt, this time feeling serious, pain from the waist to both sides of the thigh." Mr. Wang said, the three months of the feeling of living in dire straits, the spread of pain caused the restless all day, sleep, sometimes sleep awake by pain." Family with Mr. Wang went to a number of hospital diagnosis and treatment, were diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation". Mr. Wang afraid of surgery, adhere to conservative treatment, but the pain is still no relief. Treatment effect is not obvious, the doctor recommended surgery, but for various reasons, Mr. Wang has not decided, has been dragging. It is understood that Mr. Wang’s back more than 30 years, he has endured, feel good "boil boil". Until recently, Mr. Wang had a more pronounced pain, aggravated condition and incontinence. After 10 years of surgical treatment of 2cm incision hidden trouble recovery and discharge of the family found that the situation is not right, hard to pull Mr. Wang to the hospital. Check the director of the hospital Zhang Yonggui found after spinal surgery, despite 30 years of chronic low back pain of the patients, X light, CT and MR showed that Mr. Wang has scoliosis, lumbar disc herniation, severe lumbar stenosis, bone hyperplasia, but after careful analysis of history that the symptoms are inconsistent with previous symptoms. The incidence of lumbar disc herniation is mainly caused by 23, and other diseases have nothing to do, so a clear diagnosis of the disease." Subsequently, Zhang Yonggui suggested that director of minimally invasive surgery, due to ill, Mr. Wang finally agreed to surgery. During the operation, the patient was only 2 cm incision, postoperative pain disappeared immediately, after the normal activities of the bed after two days." Zhang Yonggui introduction. Currently, Mr. Wang finished 10 days of surgery, has been discharged. Remind the cooler weather in the elderly patients will lead to increased cooling muscle tension and spasm reporter learned from the hospital spinal surgery, the recent outpatient, there are many elderly people to see the lumbar disc herniation. Zhang Yonggui explained: "the autumn and winter, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation is higher, because the weather is cold, the temperature is low, there will be tension and back muscle spasm in different degrees, and increase the intradiscal pressure, resulting in lumbar disc herniation." According to reports, 80% of people in life will suffer from low back pain, of which more than half of lumbar disc herniation. But now many methods for the treatment of lumbar pain, the effect of uneven in quality. For example, physiotherapy, traction, massage and drug treatment can only relieve, palliatives. It is recommended that you do not massage for a long time two strokes teach you to stay away from the lumbar disc herniation of some patients with lumbar disc herniation, will first seek massage treatment. However, by no相关的主题文章: