Yu Qian hit the face of the Busan line actor on the CF ridicule (Figure) – China Network e2140

Yu Qian hit the face of the "Busan line" actor on the CF ridicule (Figure) – in the new micro-blog Yu Qian screenshot. In September 27, recently, the South Korean zombie movie "Busan line" on the Internet hit. Have you found the comic actor Yu Qian and played Shanghua in the movie the horse Dongxi lookalike, and on the Internet exposed to CF two people. In the picture, two people no matter from the body or expression are quite similar, the users also commented: "Yu Qian in the" Busan line "show great, feel China showbiz can speak very need for such comic and the film festival." This afternoon, Yu Qian also drying out of the comparison of the text of ridicule, said: "I am a man of Xiamen with me, said: brother, recently you fire! You know this is a pot, Busan line! What a mess!" Netizens have also teased Yu Qian teacher: "I put on this coat is a straight man, take off the coat I will act!" "China’s first international comedian!" There are friends a message of praise Yu Qian is absolutely omnipotent: Qian uncle is really what will ah!" "Since then, the teacher has more than a hobby, playing zombies."相关的主题文章: