Zenith next year 75% Internet usage will come from mobile vy canis majoris

Zenith: the next 75% will come from the mobile terminal Sina Internet technology news Beijing time on October 29th morning news, mobile shopping agency Zenith this week predicted that by 2017 75% the use of the Internet will move through the way, slightly higher than the level of this year, the reason is more and more consumers around the world are turning to the use of intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer access. Zenith had previously predicted that in 2016 there will be 71% Internet consumption by moving. Issued a "mobile advertising forecast for Thursday" (Mobile Advertising Forecasts) report, Zenith forecasts that by 2018 60% of the global Internet advertising revenue will come from mobile advertising; and is expected to total mobile advertising spending in 2018 will reach $134 billion, "out of newspapers and magazines, cinemas and outdoor advertising revenue". Zenith belongs to the French advertising group Groupe (Publicis Groupe SA), the Agency predicted in 2016 the global mobile advertising spending will reach $71 billion. With more and more advertising spending from TV wide Facebook, Snapchat and Google. Innovation consultancy DDG digital media executive director and general manager Scott Singer (Scott Singer) said: "in a short period of four years, (the Internet usage in mobile usage) the proportion has risen from 40% to 70%." He added that this trend is driving the shift in advertising spending to the mobile sector, and to stimulate mergers and acquisitions in the media, entertainment and telecommunications business. The rise of mobile data consumption is to promote the telecom companies to be content with a digital release of "grafting", betting that could attract viewers to watch online video and other through the Internet and wireless network transmission, and can attract advertisers to increase spending. AT& T announced on Saturday that the company will be $85 billion 400 million acquisition of Time Warner to diversify the content distribution, and Verizon communications has also launched an offer to buy YAHOO. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: