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Zhang Hanna force breaking breakup rumors night hugs and kisses (Figure) Zhang Hanna was photographed with two days in the room before the kiss Sina entertainment news, has claimed that nuozha [micro-blog] released statement broke up in the circle of friends, and Zhang Han [micro-blog] announced a suspected affair, then two people have responded Xiaoxibushi. Recently, Zhang Han’s visit to Hengdian was filming nuozha was shot, two night kiss kiss, live in the hotel, with practical action to force breaking breakup rumors. Previously, micro-blog has a suspected nuozha circle of friends screenshots, according to the circle of friends "eventually has not gone through two years", "wish you happy" and other words, two people suspected of love end. After breaking up the news, the two have published a response that did not break up, the circle of friends figure PS. The day before the studio to take a Hanqian in Hengdian to visit the night nuozha nuozha, a knock on Zhang Han in Hengdian to purchase real estate, your boyfriend. Two people were shot to close feeding, hug kiss picture, seems to be still stable and sweet love. According to the media reports, after this, the two seem to worry because there are Zhang Han parents home, so both left home to enjoy a sweet night Check Inn Hotel. On the second day, the two separate, busy work. The two men in this series of interactive, personally proved that the feelings of the two is still stable, breaking the rumors broke. (Wen Lujiu) (commissioning editor: cloud will)相关的主题文章: