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Zhu Dan becomes the second Chen Daoming fans sister "Ming Zhu" CP about on-line entertainment Sohu – Zhu Dan, Chen Daoming Sohu Zhudan entertainment news "heritage of Chinese" image will be held this Sunday night 21:08 officially landed in Beijing satellite tv. By then, Zhu Dan and Chen Daoming, China, Ming Fan co chaired the cultural observers, broad and profound Chinese culture taste. In the program, Zhu Dan not only with little surprise again, with more strength acting performing artist Chen Daoming composed "Ming Zhu" CP together to experience and experience of Chinese culture. It is reported that Zhu Dan in the program for the first time to experience the identity of the Chinese culture to feel different, can not help but look forward to. Playful Zhu Dan become obsessed sister Ming Zhu CP cited expected recording process, Zhu Dan and the new Jin Ming Zhu CP will sprout full. As the moderator, Zhu Dan whether network or TV programs can variety show all hold. But in front of the performing artist Chen Daoming style, second variable fans sister sweetheart mutation. Not only in the recording process to conceal Chen Daoming’s admiration and worship, heart full of girls. Record the rest gap, more humor with the audience interaction, when the audience shouted: "Daomingge collective!" When, Zhu Dan also mischievously asked: "uncle or brother?" So love move, but also show the two Miss "playful innocence. So, can not help but look forward to launch the program, this year on the list of unique interactive partner. Zhu Dan’s first cultural experience feel Chinese image it is understood that Zhu Dan in the program as well as cultural observers, is also the first attempt to "experience" role, from feeling the broad Chinese culture visual shock at the same time, Zhu Dan took office more tempted heart excited feeling China image scene from action. Then Zhu Dan said: "I had not recently received" heritage "of the program, the most I knew I couldn’t sing songs tonedeaf. Dance can’t jump stiff. But I can’t imagine that I’m so far away from art." Subsequently, Zhu Dan also called on everyone to spend more time with their own contact with the beautiful, with the beauty of art meditation heart, life is more calm. If you want to know how to miss. "Zhu Dan? Please pay attention to this Sunday evening 21:08 Beijing satellite TV, "the Chinese image of the inheritors", and Zhu Dan together to learn, understand Chinese culture.   相关的主题文章: