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Zhuzhou old man was hooked for three times to pull out the failed net Zhuzhou September 19th news (correspondent Du Fangjiang) in September 19th, 70 year old Zhuzhou Huaigong Qi (a pseudonym) of the index finger of his left hand scars are still clear, before this, he in fishing, thrown by fish hook, hook hook finger, trying to pull a failed, came to the foot of Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of Traumatology to remove the hook. Li Kanggui, deputy director of the division, said the doctor will encounter five or six cases each year, is not recommended to pull out, otherwise it will increase the damage." Retirement home, xianlaiwushi, Qi Huaigong love on fishing, often in a moment to fish, always make him very excited, but also can be happy. A few days ago, as usual, he left hook, but the hook hooked his left index finger, in desperation, his three consecutive try to pull out the hook, did not succeed, then rushed to the hospital for treatment of HFMD in Department of traumatology. "When patients injured finger blood oozing wound, about 1 cm deep, we carried out cleaning and disinfection of the wound, playing down slightly in the direction of the hook after anesthesia debridement, and separation of the soft tissue, the fishhook hangnail hooked muscle, successfully removed hook, wound dressing, Tetanus Antitoxin injection." Li Kanggui said that if patients with barbed hooks, pretty pull hook, there may be damage to blood vessels, nerves and tendons and other important structures. "Like this, been hooked stop come to us, we probably have a year from five or six cases." Li Kanggui suggested that in the left hook when fishing fishing enthusiasts must grasp the action essentials, in addition to a collection of good hooks, avoid inadvertently being hurt. Li Kanggui also stressed that with the development of social economy, and unemployment in many retired workers home, more and more people love fishing, but fishing in recent years due to throw, hit power lines, unfortunately there are the cases of electric shock, "so, fishing enthusiasts in the fishing, attention must be paid to the watch head to avoid the tragedy."相关的主题文章: