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Zou Jingzhi’s classic drama "I love peach blossom" in October opened a national tour – Entertainment Sohu         by the well-known screenwriter Zou Jingzhi creative agency Longma classic drama "I love peach blossom" will open in October national tour. The tour will perform in 13 theaters poly city theatre, a total of 15 games, another peach edge in this autumn with the audience. "I love peach blossom" origin since the Ming Dynasty Vernacular Novels in "Xingshiyan" in 200 words cap children, by the Tang Dynasty Feng Yan and Zhang Ying wife affair story, explores the triangular relationship between men and women in love since ancient times. Zou Jingzhi, a symbol of love in Chinese traditional culture as the image of peach, the ancient and modern two clues intertwined. Using the "three-dimensional" structure, is a "opera" story. The writer and poet Zou Jingzhi, a beautiful and romantic language endowed with "I love peach blossom" have a unique style of literary temperament, also in a stacked set into the compact structure in his "love in the end is who kill meaning" no solution. Reproduction of original drama by the famous writer, poet and writer Zou Jingzhi in the 2002 creation of the drama "I love peach blossom" has multiple stage version, since the 2003 premiere date at home and abroad has been performed more than 500 games, widely praised by the audience and the media praise, showing the unfailing artistic charm, which is "blossom" Chinese original drama in the new classic. In 2003, the Beijing people’s Art Theatre experimental theatre, Zou Jingzhi was invited to the creation of a drama as a grand opening ceremony, so there will be a "I love peach blossom" performance. "I love peach blossom" by the appearance of a concern, after running, a repertoire of Beijing people’s art theater. "I love peach blossom" was also invited to perform abroad, participated in the eleventh trilateral Drama Festival and the Italy Art Festival "in Rome China". In 2008, Zou Jingzhi and Zou Jingzhi, the famous writer Liu Heng, Wan Fang to jointly promote and set up agency Longma, pay attention to the value and significance of the text reading the script, firmly believe that the strength of the original, by three writers took turns to create original repertoire. "I love peach blossom" has become the main agency Longma repertoire, and was invited to become the National Theatre theater after the completion of the grand opening ceremony on 2009. Since then, the play is seven degrees on the National Grand Theater stage. Since "I love peach" was born, including the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Harbin theatre and other nine domestic professional company had been rehearsing the play, show a total of more than 500 colleges and universities in the field, more be too numerous to enumerate. Have great originality "play in the play" Zou Jingzhi "the opera" structure, arrangement will have great originality, ancient and modern, drama of interpenetration. The first layer of actors "tells the story of Feng Yan and Zhang Ying" drama, second wife affair story reveals the actors and actresses affair. The three actors play the shuttle jump in the ancient and modern interpretation of the actual situation, cut constantly tangled love and hatred; they have different views on the character processing mode of play, the focus around the "kill who", extending a variety of uncertain outcome. "I want the hospital相关的主题文章: